Saturday, June 1, 2013

WITH REGARD TO - Saturday, June 1, 2013 – SLAVE LABOUR –

Anyone with any sense of history could recall how the slaves – tricked out in their distinctive garb, were essentially ‘invisible’ to the masters and those in authority.

If they happened to be out there on the streets – then they must have been on some ‘errand’.

And so it has become lately in queensland. Conspicuity (those ridiculous flouro/day glo shirts and retroflective bands) has, by default, given those wearing that stuff an attribute close to invisibility.

Face it.

Any dickhead dressed like that, no matter how disreputable at first appearance could probably get on his mobile and call in a legion of his pals to sort you out -  if you were ever mug enough to demand why he was climbing out your neighbour’s window with her wide screen TeeVee, the rest of her electronics and her handbag clutched in his/her arms.

Interesting concept isn’t it?

Especially when they put on their flouro gear, hop in their jeeps and run some meth they’d been brewing the night before off to the mining camps.

Get what I mean – invisible. These turkeys are on some important mission !

Some of you probably have already met and been temporarily flummoxed by that scenario.

Others might have that sort  living next door, over the road, or just down the street.

Some like the retired copper just down the road – some like him just close their windows and pretend nothing is happening out there on his own patch.

What’s his name again?

Will Barkman? No, but something like that.

Then again, being a retired cop – he might be in on their game too.

Okay queenslanders. You lot work it out.

After this budget all of you will be shagged hollow.

Not so much by a government in desperate straits. More so by an immoral regime that wants your money to line their pockets – in exactly the same way the last lot of shiteheels did.

Think about that when you vote for the feds.

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  1. Know what, sport -
    You are spot on.
    I'm replying to this one in the middle of your diatribe.
    Don't take that the wrong way.
    A matter of fact that I want to say that 'the show' has gone to hell and point by point you are illustrating the how and why of their humbuggery.
    Keep up the good work and let 'em know that even if they are censoring your little ditties in 'doodle australia' - I'm sure the rest of the world is still dialling in.
    "Mangle 'em Murgatroyd"!