Saturday, September 1, 2012


If anyone out there is wondering why there are so few ‘comments’ to our little blog?
None of us here would have a clue or does anyway care.
We leave that ‘reply’ facility open for the brave and foolhardy who might like to provide input – otherwise too bad for all of you missing out on your opportunity.

Besides which we refuse to ‘invent our own’ like so many others in the incestuous industry.

Strikes us, though, that we live in a gutless world where the internet is lately managed -(COMPREHENSIVELY CENSORED WOULD BE A BETTER TERM) – though we’ll keep plugging along ‘cos we’ve noticed that friendly dialogue is short in this medium.

Reckon otherwise?
So then smartie – why are all these funny new ‘laws’ being introduced?

Go figure yourself.

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