Friday, August 31, 2012


They pretend our ‘democracy’ is maintained by compulsory voting at every tier of our alleged systems of government.

Fact is that it is not the voting that is compulsory rather the reporting to a certain appointed venue the day of the ballot to have one’s name crossed off a roll.
Failure to do so results in a $100 fine.

So what, f’r chrissakes, is that about?

A compulsory raffle of a failed sort combined with yet more revenue raising,

Hey. We don’t have a bill of rights.
But, by god, we are confronted with bills for whatever they consider as our wrongs every which way we turn.

She was born in Wales, that bit of real estate to one side of England on a piddly little island called Britain.
Wales had, amongst other assets, lots of coal.
These days the mining industry is almost extinct but there remains lots of slag heaps and a race memory of the coal pits.

The ruined landscape and the scarred memories are very real.
Is that the reason behind, or her perceived justification for, all this crap about carbon and the like?

What is it about gender based politics anyway that makes political women so completely blinkered and bloody-minded about anything and everything outside their tight little circle of interest?

So this mindset is maintained unto death – so long as it is the deaths of others.

Would it be truthful to say that our government holds to truth with such intensity that they delete select items from Hansard?
Well they do.
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