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According to the majority of those ‘experts’ the Australian propaganda ministry  [the (G)Ay Bee Cee] trundles out from their storage closets, Julian Assange is despicable; should at the very least be expeditiously removed from view, kept in quarantine, the record of his accomplishments expunged and hopefully, consequently,  be forgotten by society.

After all that IS the way they are required to operate as dictated by their ‘political masters’ – the same ‘masters’ who keep encouraging the peanut rush to ‘just move on’ after each and every spectacular foul up.

Political regimes of every stripe appear to be escalating heartlessness and brutality in the guise of pragmatism at an accelerating rate.
Tacit acceptance of this seems an indication that core societal principles have been cast aside by the majority of the human race.

Having said that it must be considered that the death penalty is just a bit stiff for winning a few scoops off the ‘mainstream media’ at the expense of those allegedly ‘transparent democracies’– or was it having a bonk or two without his wearing a frenchie that got the buggers so upset?

If it has been ‘okay’ over the past many years for the Seppos/Brits to grant asylum to a variety of dissenters, traitors and ne’er do wells – certainly often enough to establish precedent – then what the hell is wrong with Ecuador providing sanctuary to a Townsville lad?

Forget it unless it can be achieved from a position of moral strength through negotiation.
Sure it is ‘okay’ for the Seppos/Brits to expect their diplomats and embassies to remain inviolate; so why not those of Ecuador?
The only way to assure the inviolacy of the Ecuadorian embassy in London is to ensure that the fact of any breach of that embassy becomes immediately publicly known worldwide.

In short, the fear of resultant reciprocal action (in fact a cornerstone of the relevant Vienna convention) is the only leverage available toward achieving natural and true justice for Mr. Assange.

Compliance with what?
There’s now some word on the net that Ecuador wants to extradite one Aliaksandr Barankov to Belarus - all of which, in conjunction with the Townsville lad’s plight, puts Ecuador on the spot and under the microscope.

Their judges of civil/inquisitorial persuasion (as opposed to our common law/adversarial variety) will doubtless be criticized for their decision by those unfamiliar with the code of Napoleon.

And meanwhile Sweden or leastways Swedish nationals play a stunt in Belarus
Sure it’s a joke to invade another nation’s airspace and without notice or approval drop unknown items by parachute over their cities.
Anyone would agree that on the face of it Belarus should be encouraged to release poor Anton for doing nothing more than taking pikkies.
Then again a better headline might be “Amnesty condones invasion of Belarus’ airspace and illegal dropping of Swedish ordnance”.
The sub header could be “Swedes to be extradited for false flag invasion?”

God sakes – now I know why certain tasteless turnip like vegetables are called Swedes.

But it is funny to discover how Sweden does appear like some lurking actor playing the ‘eminence grise’ - in a bad play.
Funny my arse – bloody amateurishly sinister as far as this writer is concerned when this stuff turns up during a casual read despite being neither sought nor solicited.

So what could happen if a hyped-up Britain is gulled by an arrogant, overzealous Sweden and bribed by a mob of vindictive Gringos to nab a circumstantially diplomatically inviolate Julian from his Latin American sanctuary?

Well, the second innings perhaps but with no covert support for the Brits this time from a friendly dictator
If luck is pushed too far the best outcomes for a Falkland Islander might rely on the toss of a coin
Heads – Pack up the rowboat in anticipation of a quick departure.
Tails – Learn a latin language damn pronto.

• “ I seem to recall that when General Pinochet was being detained in London on a Spanish arrest warrant the British government was unable to fulfil its extradition obligations and he was allowed to escape back to his Chilean bolthole. It seems that in Britain you stand a better chance of avoiding extradition if you are a murderous fascist dictator than if you are a champion of free speech and open government. But of course we must dismiss from our minds any suspicion that in both cases it was and is Washington that has reminded London where its real obligations (and best interests) lie. Perish the thought.”
Adrian Marlowe
The Hague, Netherlands

  William Hague says the UK does not recognise diplomatic asylum. Strange. The UK did recognise the concept of diplomatic asylum when the Hungarian Cardinal Mindszenty was sentenced to death by the communist authorities for supporting the anti-communist uprising in Hungary in 1956. Mindszenty spent 15 years in diplomatic asylum in the American embassy in Budapest. Strange that the UK authorities did not protest then. But maybe Hague is too young to actually know of this precedent.”Jan Culik
University of Glasgow

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