Friday, August 31, 2012


That article, for some obscure reason, is the most often read of the “Calligulashorse” articles.
Yet every reference item including that of defence specialist Mr. Max Blenkin (who should have an interest in keeping his each and every item ‘alive’ on the net) is now extinct.
Mind you some of the other actors in the demise of the defence materiel outfit are still around the ridges.

More importantly –
extract –
“You know Jason Clare? Coming man as the great E.G. Whitlam used to say. He's got Keating's old seat of Blaxland and is now the Minister for Defence Materiel. Big dollars. His ex-partner is Davina Langton. I think she's worked for every premier since Carr, been around even longer than I have. She worked for Joel Fitzgibbon in Canberra. Joel's a laugh. My brother once had a job with him.
Davina's dad is Brian Langton, the chair of Sydney Ferries. He was the transport minister who resigned after the Independent Commission Against Corruption found he had rorted charter flight expenses.”

So the very person that ‘Fitzgibbon the failed’ sent the supplicant was the girlfriend of the bloody minister for defence materiel.
Stap me! Anywhere else in the world people would have worked out that something crook was happening.
These people (as is suggested by those profoundly better informed about the incestuous nature of our politics than I) definitely had more interest in their own pockets than progressing Australian  R&D and manufacturing.

Somehow, what would be a capital offence were it to happen in China is nothing but an ‘unproven allegation’ in Australia despite the humbuggery drenching the newspapers for years.

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