Tuesday, August 28, 2012

“Google - The futility of researching Australian governance” - or - “Let your fingers do the walking”

Author - Krummlauf

What funding goes toward diverting the mass consciousness away from real issues here in Australia?

It would be fair enough to expect the ‘silent majority’ to be distracted by sports events, risqué late night TeeVee and the like – but have a go yourself – ‘Google Australia’ - the futility of researching governance. The result lists a load of waffle more to do with the nausea and difficulty apparently caused by every government in the world except our own.

Only one article caught my eye on page I of the search results - http://www.sawa-australia.org/background/winthewar.pdf  - and guess what SAWA is about?

Since you ask, it is the “Support Association for the Women of Afghanistan”. SAWA would have to be a meritorious organisation, undoubtedly worthy of unanimous support – but I’d never categorise the outfit as ‘Australian governance’.

 But let’s look at that article to find out what it’s about. 
ABSTRACT – “If Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Defence Minister Stephen Smith believe that trust and confidence can be reestablished by Australian soldiers toward Afghan troops they are meant to live alongside and train they are sadly deluded.
That's the problem in having politicians of limited life experience and senior defence force officers who gain preferment and promotion through playing the political game.
The Australian commitment is in a mess and will not be sorted in the short, medium or long term.”

The authors, their own pages -
Bruce Haigh
Kellie Tranter
They do seem to be receiving some high profile support, according to their links –  http://www.sawa-australia.org/links.html

But that’s not what I was looking for.
I am 100 percent in agreement with what Bruce and Kellie have written in that document and am also in agreement with much they portray as their social conscience on their own pages. I note how much they care about our Julian.
But it all somehow seems a little false.

Take for instance in  -

Shona wrote in reply  “My favourite saying is "In Australia nobody hears you scream" that sums up my treatment at the hands of government. “

Which few words perfectly succinctly sum up what happens these days in Australia, at every tier and in every bureau, in result of the chronic, systemic failures in governance.
And it is neither accidental nor caused by ‘cracks’ between the planks of legislation.

So going to our other author –

“Appointing serving or former senior military officers, to undertake sensitive humanitarian investigations, smacks of the militarisation of the government process. Until the military can get its own act together it should be kept well clear of assisting such undertakings.”

“The media coax people into believing that we are experiencing a refugee plague, that our safety and security are being threatened even if we are not being overrun; many of our elected representatives respond with policies of indifference, all the while carefully professing their own personal humanity, and the self-perpetuating frenzy leads us as a nation to ignore the international humanitarian obligations we have agreed to uphold.  Why do our political parties permit, let alone encourage, such xenophobic propensities?”
“The cowardly and callow handling of this issue by the federal parliament defines it and goes a long way to explaining why the average person holds politicians, the parliament, democratic institutions and indeed democracy with such contempt.”

In my opinion Vet Affairs should be made to concentrate solely on the welfare of surviving vets. They should be forced to abandon their proselytizing and promotion of the Anzac legend. As far as government expenditure on recording and honouring the history of Australian involvement in war I believe that should be the sole preserve of the Australian War Memorial.”
“By way of interest, the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Warren Snowdon, might like to provide a list of his officers who will be attending Anzac Day Ceremonies in Turkey, France, Belgium and elsewhere around the globe.”
So is this poor effort ‘all at sea’ and at cross purposes? I’m just borrowing the work of others in order to save time?
Might seem so until you consider some basic elements of how a subtle mélange of truth and disinformation may be confected into quite some hermetic fait accompli.
Bruce and Kellie like many Australians evidently care about others. That is without a doubt.
As mentioned though something becomes strained to falsity when all ever mentioned is events involving any other nation or any other race, religion or societal set other than the common or garden boring bloody Australian.
So why is that?
Are we all either swimming in mining share dividends or too worthless to bother a mention?
Or is it more that the overweeningly arrogant yet defective sort mentioned by our correspondents above are actually shelling out millions in funding for bribes, legal action, threats and probably the odd KGB style ‘wet job’.
That has to be it – taxpayer’s money wasted on the forlorn hope of terminal distraction of the peasantry from truth. Surely our news services HAVE to hear the bellow emanating from the suburbs every 6.00 pm – “Oh shiiitt; not Afghanistan/refugees/ give up smokes n’ drink; always the bloody same STILLLLL!!”

The only other view is that none of ‘em truly care whether through greed, callousness, or sheer stupidity.
At sunset and the going down of the tatty old flag – no speculation matters – except surrounding that one fact - the place never worked all that well yet has become immensely worse to the extent of complete dysfunction.

Next week we might discuss – “The new Australian underclass/slave caste and their distinctive mandatory apparrel” – or – “So, when you grow up Freddie, do you want to be a green fluoro, or an orange fluoro?”

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