Sunday, August 19, 2012

Breaking news, 20/8/12, about the latest renaming of the State of Queensland.

The lnp(liberal/national party) politburo met over the last weekend to plan moves divorcing “God’s Own Country”™ from the last remaining unhealthy influences of the deposed and despised laborite regime.
In line with lnp policy any such initiatives have to be ‘funding neutral’ but nonetheless apparently positive and representative of the new order.

That is why some bright spark attending the think-tank came up with the idea of renaming queensland yet again.

The reasoning went this way –
It was all very well just to spell queensland without an upper case q during the laborite regime: after all such use of the lower case did reasonably reflect the state’s embarrassing credit rating but caused (all had to agree) constant merry hell for anyone using a word processor.

Meanwhile ‘Moynihania’ never did catch on –
(See - ) - apparently some adverse feeling from the footy set scotched the official name change

Nonetheless our new minders did like the symmetry of both the northern and southern states names ending in ‘ia’. (They reckon that when we annex New Zealand we can likewise match WA (West Australia) with EA.

These overnight discussions were grueling and exhaustive yet at some time in the early morning a decision had been made to choose a new state name that –
  • honoured a hero of the new regime
  • reflected the consummate victory of their party and the establishment of the new regime as the rightful outcome of the Bligh mutiny II
  • and ended in ‘ia’. 
So in result of these deliberations and in recognition of the new Leader, as of 4.23am, Sunday,19, August, 2012, queensland shall henceforth and in perpetuity be known as “NewMania”.

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