Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Julia has recently stated her case to a very bored and unimpressed Australian citizenry.
She made the legalistically valid point that a person does not have to prove themselves innocent of an alleged crime in a common law jurisdiction complying with the rule of law.
She makes the point that no-one could prove her guilty of

The premier of the Australian commonwealth is not at all corrupt.
Of Coursssse not.
She said not, that we need to ‘move on’, simply take her word that she’s not telling whoppers.
And, of course, we need to believe her.
Or else!
Neither are our other political masters corrupt, neither federal, state, nor regional.
Nor our judges, legal officers, bankers, nor our public servants.

That’s the indisputable official line according to their sort. And of course that is specious twaddle of the order that has become their standard.

Or so they’d hope to have us pond scum believe.
Or else alright!

After all our compulsory voting system guarantees most Australians get windy enough to get out of bed and place a vote on election day instead of having a good lie-in.

Result being that there is always an oversufficiency of like-minded winners of that curiously rigged raffle they claim is a democratic election.

Face it; Australians only vote to avoid a fine – not to choose a parliamentary representative.

Now these raffle winners, unfortunately, do tend to have some influence over who gets all those powerful top jobs in our limited little society.

It shouldn’t be that way – ‘cause anyone with a grade three primary school understanding of civics could tell you why not.

But, to our collective detriment, that is the way it is.

All that is fine and good for the raffle winners – those who are temporarily, overweeningly, confident enough to believe themselves the masters.

What did I read the other day?
Some constitutional expert opined that the Ozconstitution provides only two guaranteed rights to Australians –
1 - the ‘right’ to vote. (as mentioned compulsory and enforced by fines)
2 – the right to be poorly ‘represented’ and more likely ignored by the winners of those rigged raffles.

Actually that’s quite misleading. The ‘truth’ mooted by the establishment is more complicated and therefore tragically an even worse case situation for the majority of Australians – as even such high profile Australians as Julian Assange have discovered the last several months.

Not a problem for some. There exists the vaunted ‘Common Law rights’ as are mentioned below -

Apparently Jayent Patel found the means of gaining ‘justice’ in NewMania.

Other aspects of the new Newman regime in NewMania seem to have attracted the attention of the Federals.
Kevin seems bright enough to work out the link between what Newman is doing to state public service jobs and what Herr Abbott, given the chance, will expeditiously prosecute in the future.
Swann has to agree.

What causes all this to be invisible to the PM and her faction is a mystery.
It may be that anything happening up near, or especially above, the Brisbane line doesn’t matter a stuff to her lot.

The other scenario gathering more traction here and in southern states is about the secretive traitorous faction in labor apparently engineering the final solution for labor as a political entity and grooming us all for a handover of Australia, not to a conservative political party, but to a tontine of exploitative capitalist pigs already engaged in stripping what wealth they might muster from Australia and Australians before handing the husk over to what emerging geopolitical power may wish to annex the remains.

Too harsh?
Is it just that a little girl coming to Australia from Wales has little loyalty and less understanding of that admittedly flawed nation to which she emigrated?

Whatever your own personal conspiracy theory - one thing for sure is that old saying of Bill Hayden’s when he was shoved sideways by the silver bodgie must be rattling about inside Kevin Rudd’s head – “The Drover’s Dog could win this election”.

And without being too harsh similar will be said about Mr. Abbott if Ms. Gillard refuses to graciously retire in the very near future.

Dear politicians, a hint –
  • If you find it irksome that people tend to treat you, you know, the way they do why not consider thinking about looking at matters as if you were ‘in the other person’s shoes’ – in that idealist legalistic sense. Thinking that way is expected of you as a precept at law.
  • I know it will be hard but stop saying things like ‘moving on’ and the like. Or keep sprouting perceived callousness and see what life is like when you are given the bum’s rush and do have to occupy such shoes.
  • Otherwise figure it out for yourself – or perish in the attempt.
  • I happen to reckon you are all coming so very close to perishing in that attempt.
Keep up that good work, men!

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