Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Why shouldn’t Mr. Rudd have the grace of a sort of compressed timeframe to attempt finishing how he began the miserable and unrewarding task of being premier of this dump.

Even the deaf and blind can accept that those retiring from the laborites are a mob of self interested, meretricious, bastards.

Funny, isn’t it that the smarmy press never mention that a fair few of the opposition are past their use-by-date too?

What exactly was gillard’s game by declaring an election date so far in the future that without any doubt it had HM’s opposition barking like the proverbial junk-yard dogs?

Baying like junk-yard dogs interspersed with the odd pious statement/lament about cross-party support for utter flapoola whenever they think the punters will halfway believe them.

Stap me; if, in the old days, they were the supporting act in a music-hall show they’d cop the ballistic custard pies and rotten spuds.

Now is the time to do that – for the peasants to go ballistic with representations to these bludgers hoping to win the next raffle.

Nail the buggers down now – because you won’t ever get to meet with the creeps once they’ve won their shiny little seats.

All of which, none of which has addressed the core problem with these floggers.

None of them seem to be aware that they are placed there (as stupid as our arbitrary process is) to REPRESENT their electorate and the everyday problems of those in their electorate.

That includes those howsoever disenfranchised by our brain-dead bastard system.

In one sense – nothing will change – whoever ‘wins’.

But that is their eternal confidence trick.
It isn’t THEM supposed to win – those raffle winning pricks.

It is supposed to be YOU, the populace – who by carefully placing your vote gains a reasoned parliament.

But you fools cannot work out what is provided under the constitution – nor are you valiant enough to band together and cry ‘foul’.

Good luck – and don’t forget to put a buck each way on the next one.


  1. How dare you say these things to our masters.
    None of us have the skills to grovel like mad to a politician - gain a job in his office for a few short months - then go into politics.

    It is only fair that those of a dynasty, or at least their third cousins, in-laws, or whatever get a first line squit right into those plum jobs.

    I have come to believe that you are some supercharged cynic!

    1. Constance, Lady MansfieldJuly 2, 2013 at 4:18 AM


      The supercharged cynic is right.

      These shits win their reffles then settle down to at least three years of megalomania.

      Collectively, they are off their wheels - one tip dug in and making a hell of a mess of the right side of the runway.

      Feck knows where they all came from but that recent example (the scoop) on the front page of the Courier and in the 'Women's Monthly' must have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

      What a complete scream!
      How bloody silly was that?

  2. El Fayeed, SheherezadeJuly 2, 2013 at 4:51 AM

    We liberals want our vote too.
    In this regard a chance would be a fine thing if that Mr. Turnbull could pull the same trick on that Tona Abbott.

    Yes. A gentleman would be preferable to a 'sportsman' any day of the week.
    I find no other genteel way of saying that - other than Abbott is a pig and that Turnbull is at least acceptably presentable.