Sunday, July 7, 2013


First thing this Sunday morning the dork had another stupid  press release.

Parents will be jailed if their kid’s parties get out of control.

The Egyptian mummy of our pretend civil society – that long-dead O’Gorman – objected as would be expected.
In other words – ineffectively and completely off- point.

So, now in queensland you can be imprisoned for having a noisy party.

Question – will they make that retrospective and ‘in the officer’s opinion’?

Obviously there is some relationship between having a face that looks like a rotten spud and having a brain that reasons as effectively as a rotten spud.

Meanwhile his pals in meth production for the mining industry get away with murder.

Way it seems is that Heinrich Himmler (the, once,  chickenfarmer) had more moral fibre than his new age clone, this Dempsey, reichsfuhrer der SS fur queensland.

Though maybe officially frowned upon by the somewhat anally retentive masters of the third reich – the odd loud party, as such, was not proscribed at law.

Nonetheless the freedom fighter O’Gorman can’t quite work it out.

What might be ‘deemed’ to be a noisy party in queensland once their shitty law is passed?

Maybe my wife and son braying loudly at my frequent bad jokes – just as the paddywagon passes our front door?

One thing is for sure.
They refuse to act upon a direct and intended threat to lives and property perpetrated by their koala mates.

Yeah. It is ‘okay’ for his mates to disrupt our peace and okay for his pigforce to accuse us of breaching the peace when his drugfucked pets shout this stuff at us late at night.

So, good luck queenslanders.

In a few days time having a barbecue won’t be permitted here in queensland.


  1. SHINTARO, the SamuraiJuly 7, 2013 at 2:42 AM

    SHINTARO asks -
    So, when parents are locked up, what happens to children?

    1. Yersss,
      My sentiments exactly.
      So when the parents are in jail maybe this Dempsey idiot wants someone 'special' to look after them?

      Someone like his pal at the meth lab directly over the road from the local school.

      Funny how he's always out the front having a 'break' when the kids are coming out of school.

  2. So what did you do to provoke that righteous anger?
    Shag his missus or something?

  3. Ha ha,
    Such a comedian, 'Bogan'.

    What did I do to upset the dork?
    Let's just point out that he firstly started screaming at my son while I was making myself a late night tuna/mayo sandwich snack.

    Our kitchen is a long way from the street.

    But in consequence of that situation he'd tired himself out by the time I worked out what was happening,arced up our recording gear and pointed it in his direction -
    but he was still fired up enough to convince us he was completely off his face.

    In fact he seems more off his face lately as he struts about in what he obviously regards as his personal space out front of our home.

    Now, as previously mentioned he seems to be 'condoned' by the local porkers.
    God only knows why - 'cos his pals and alleged customers are not of any quality whatsoever.
    Other than observing that he's nothing but an overaggressive and manipulative jerk - what else would you have me say?