Friday, July 12, 2013


It has nothing to do with gender.
It is about time the punters realised that democracy in Australia never existed..
The head prefect (Fraser)deposed Whitlam back when I was a brat.(the CIA)

Keating deposed hawkie because he was told to do that very thing – by the CIA.

It was impossible for Crean to defeat howard.

.Then afterward -
Someone had to invent Rudd.
Then someone had to dump on Turnbull.
Then someone had to depose Rudd.
Then someone had to reinstate Rudd.

So why the fuck can’t someone reinstate Turnbull and do us all a favour?

Well, why the hell not?
There’s enough time before the next raffle to pull that trick.
What’s wrong with those conservative floggers?
Want a win, don’t they?

So why not sack the loser in their camp?

We might even toss a coin whether to vote for Kev – or for wassisname, Turnbull.
Ivan Turnbull, is it?

Sorry –
Malcolm – as in Fraser.

Where was I –
None of these dweebs are in contact with the streets of Australia – where the scum walk and rule.

None of them care and none of them begin to understand how the whole show has gone to buggery.

I could parcel off this missive to our new prime minister and never receive an acknowledgement of receipt – let alone a reply.

In fact it has me completely stuffed why I bother writing this shit to you brain-dead drones out there who occasionally read this without ever making a comment or reply.

So shove it all up your fundaments - you gutless churls.
Enjoy your new masters when they occupy this dump.

I put the date at approx. year 2025.

After which, all you despicable whiteys will have to fund and find an escape back to Europe – or somewhere.

This is an event looming in our future.

And none of us seem to be aware of that future.

I thank God that I’ll be dead and gone before then.

I thank God that I did nothing to bring this situation into being.

It does nothing for my soul that no matter how much I supported my nation – that there is/was nothing within this dump that supported me – nor my family – nor my interests.

Fucked up beyond any recall.
That is what Australia has become.

At around the year AD 2025 you sorry bludgers will be in the same situation as those seeking asylum on our shores now.

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  1. Seems like that exhaust from that methamphetamine lab over the road is getting to you, Bucko.

    Don't worry about that, though.

    Keep speaking truth.
    Do not waver.

    There is no hope unless some resolution can be achieved.
    My particular interest is in gaining some sense in our courts.

    Reading back through your papers there was some comment about how dispossessed from reality your justice system was.
    I would assume that nothing much has changed?
    That Sarra with the rainwater tank is as skewed as the tosser who was escorted home by the police all those years ago.

    Something STILL wrong in queensland?