Saturday, July 6, 2013


I heard the other day on the National propaganda outlet that liquid natural gas prices will rise when the ‘big men’ begin exploiting our assets of that stuff big time.

What a mob of jerks.
Anyone with any brains would realise the situation of ‘economies of scale’.

But here we have it yet again.
Australian citizens (according to this dickwit) have to cough up more moolah for something they already/collectively own.
All somewhat like the war criminal, howard selling Telstra to Australians.

Selling the fools who fell for it – something they already owned.

So now it is ‘fossil fuel’.

Having to pay more for a thing that is THEIR resource – so that it can be exported to someone else at the ‘right price’.

What a complete load of crap!


  1. Meanwhile the dickheads driving jeeps on our streets park and gas everyone out.

    keep their donks running and poison us all.
    They need their collective throats cut for doing that - but for some reason their sort is protected by the pigs.

    Let's make that clear - their sort of shitheads seem to be protected by that ex sergeant pig - dempsey - now minister for newman's pigs in queensland.

    Raise an issue, try to raise an issue about that and bad luck.

    The toolhead is a corrupt toolhead and has no concern whatsoever about wasted resources.

    The shit is as useless as his premier.

    Burn fuel, burn resources and snort dope seems to be their main interest.

    What a mob of users of our children's furure.

  2. Enkidu,
    What you mention is somewhat 'the elephant in the room'.

    Forgive me for putting it that way - but it is.
    Some of us try to act responsibly - yet those low-brow useless bludgers out there seem to park and burn.

    Plonk their third-hand shitboxes in some city park and keep burning fuel.
    The turds keep burning fuel even if their leaking exhausts are killing them.

    It seems to be some reaction against what they are being told by their greedy masters.
    Strikes me that they'd rather die than save resources for their kid's sake.

    And as I watch these pig-dogs play this game It enters my mind that they'd do the world a favour if their flat-headed brats choked along with their obnoxious parents.

    Oxygen thieves - the lot of them.