Saturday, July 20, 2013


Doesn’t even need analysing (analizing?)

“Cos all the replies/comment lie in that direction.

Lie in that direction?
Yep, they lie.

All this crap about growth, economy-wise, is indeed UTTER crap.

By now, Kev has had his payback and right now I’d suggest he wished he’d never bothered.

Mainly because all you ignoramuses fail to have any clue at all about diddly squat.

Why don’t you ALL grow a brain (impossible) and accept stasis (zero growth) - as a “sustainable” economic principle.

Why not just piss exploitation of our resources right off the agenda – except for our needs.

Erect wind turbines and salt accumulator solar power stations where they are needed.
Then recruit our next generation of engineers to manage this stuff.

In short, get the bludgers out of the system.

For once, get the bludgers out of the system and hand the show over to those who want to contribute something to their society instead of the present exploiters.

Put opportunity to those who can-do rather than those who advertise 'futures' on the pretense that they might-do next week, next year, or next century.

And meanwhile sack holden and ford, nationalize the vehicle/aerospace support industries – nationalize the whole show and put those people involved into the design and development of energy efficient transportation and delivery systems.

Our capital cities (except Canberra) are all on the coastline.
Get shipping happening again. Sack road transport.

Would all that be too impossible - other than stepping on the toes of a certain tontine?

Why not say it.
At almost 60 years old and physically fucked after 45 years in engineering I have seen a succession of bludgers and useless, exploitative toolheads ruin almost every chance for me to contribute something to my nation.

Throughout that time it seemed that a tiny window of opportunity arose from time to time – only to be completely flummoxed by some complete jerk or other who won a raffle or exploited 'connections'.

Legislate against nepotism.

The second-last time that happened it was that sniffling dork, howard who jammed his flak jacket clad 'political' bulk in the way of any sort of progress.

The next time it was that Gillard creature.
Thank god the opposition's best card has at last been filed vertically.

Despite Kev’s momentarily turning the books upside down – I’m reasonably confident that the abbort article will manage the same very shortly.

The show is lost.

They have no idea.

They refuse to let go of their squabbling and refuse to even recognise the backlog of real issues central to our society and our future.
And they are destroying us all.
It was once called - MAD - mutually assured destruction.

A different scenario entirely but with the same outcome for us.

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