Thursday, July 11, 2013


If so you might explain why whenever I place my links – they somehow refuse to work?

Like this one –

Oh fuck me – put ‘em on the spot and let's see if it runs – or not.

Let’s give it a go


  1. Well, check that out -
    - doesn't work
    Such is the freedom of the press.

    Enough said!

    1. Well I ran it through - downloaded it.
      What a complete whacker.
      Did he move up here from Victoria?

      Never mind.

      Do you really have to put up with that turkey?

      Are you expected to put up with dorks like that?

      Why not just go out and slay the arsehole?

      Oh. Except you live in queensland and consequently have no rights at all.

      What a complete bugger.

      Never mind.

      He can't keep that pissant game of his going forever.
      He'll crack up sometime soon - or his mates will crack down on him.

      Bite your lip and keep mum and someone he pisses off will turn up soon and smack that turd's lights out well and proper.

      Mark my words. He will not last much longer!

      Anything for a quiet life, Eh?