Friday, July 5, 2013


Look at the dropkicks. Look carefully.

They stand out like dog’s balls on every streetscape.
Their apparel shouts it to the skies – ‘look at me – I’m a peasant’.

What shouts that to the skies?

The ridiculous clothes they wear on the job – and increasingly often they wear everywhere.

Ugly polyester shirts and daggy trousers with retroflective stripes.

It almost seems as if they are proud of their ubermensch status – which they seem to insist on proving.

Bumbling halfwits dressed in day-glo orange – apparently the overseer class.

Then the serfs wearing green or yellow.

About two-thirds of the population these days seem to be dressed like stupid bloody mobile traffic lights.

God only knows where they came from – other than down south.
‘Demographics change’.

These days I wish I were a sociologist with tenure.
I could keep my family fed for some years writing up a paper about how completely stupidly braindead these blonks are – meanwhile so carefully identifying their origins and  motivation.

They even have a sub-class of ‘wannabes’ bumping about our public spaces pretending they are something they are most definitely not.

“Gor! Lookatim! He’s important – a dayglo shirt, but he gets to wear thongs – where can I apply for his job?”

It is so completely sad and has gone well beyond a joke.
A person always suspected that there is something wrong with this society.

Somehow these brightly clad dupes have proven the case.

How best to put it?

Some months back a raffle was held here in queensland.
The brainless idiots mentioned above chose to put their bet on the conservatives (they wanted to vote against that bligh and had no other choice).
In result, ‘queensland’ became ‘newmania’.

And now that governance in ‘newmania’ has collapsed – the streets are being occupied and run by these dickheads in flouro shirts – the new and visible ‘proletariat’.

So – welcome all you old Queenslanders to the new outlaw state of ‘FLOURISTAN’.

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