Tuesday, July 9, 2013


With any luck the leader of HM’s opposition must be chewing the carpet the last few days.

He must know that he’s as popular as a rabid dog to a postie - but he cannot bring himself to modify his covertly threatening behaviour.
Or is that overtly threatening behaviour?

Anyway, without any doubt, he seems to represent a threat to about two thirds of the population.

Remember that he said not to believe him unless you all had it from him in writing.

That which he states fairly illustrates his regard and sense of honour.

What amazes us is that he forgets (or pretends to forget) that he pulled exactly the same sort of coup on Turnbull as he’s pretending to complain about within the laborite camp.

Perhaps he needs to consider that if he wants his team to gain the majority in order to form government after the next raffle – that he should resign and quit politics too.

I sincerely hope that he persists and soldiers on.

He’s the best asset the laborites have – in order for them to win that next raffle.


  1. Sort of like having Adolph Hitler as your adversary in the last big war,Eh?

    Spot on.
    An asset toward victory for the allies - was poor old AH.

  2. By God, Calligula,
    You're learning the art of propaganda.
    Just keep speaking the truth from that angle the mainstream media are paid (bribed?) well to keep under their mindnumbing code of alleged self-censorship.

    Yrs affectionately,
    Billy Joyce

  3. You do realise that abbott honestly believes he's being run by the Yakuza.

    That's how stupid he is.

    He'd like to believe it - but that's how stupid he is.

    In reality he's being run by Malcolm Turnbull's mates.

    In this regard the outcome of the next raffle doesn't really matter.

    The toolhead is history anyway.

    1. By suggesting he's being run by Turnbull's mates - you intimate that he's now at the bitter end of the proverbial rope?

      I sincerely hope that you are right.
      The pratt is a complete loose cannon.

      If by some serious error he ever gains the post of prime minister he'll cause infinitely more damage to those he professes to support before he ever gets to ream the peasantry new arseholes.

      The idiot is essentially an idiot.

      A complex bundle of nerves - but nonetheless a complete idiot.

  4. The phone rang white-hot today.

    The scenario goes this way.

    The only chance the conservatives have of winning this next raffle is to ditch abbott and to reinstate Turnbull.

    D'you read that?

    The only chance for a conservative win is to reinstate Turnbull as leader of HM's opposition.