Saturday, July 6, 2013


There is an underclass of complete morons in this great south land.
It seems that half the population of them have moved into this burg lately.

Who knows where the filth came from – but most of them will move on in a few months.
It is a bi-annual cycle here.
One lot arrives at the start of summer – last six months or so – occupy housing below the floodline – then move on.

If the weather is kind – they are replaced, at the start of winter, by another mob moving into what the the previous punters have recently left.

Yep. A twice yearly ripoff of the last of their assets – the poor buggers.

They aren’t completely stupid – at least not by much.

So while they temporaly occupy every Aussie’s dream and get behind with their somewhat shonky mortgages it begins to occur to them that they’ve been gulled by experts.
Of course. Being somewhat conservative by nature they leave it to the last moment to contact those ‘agencies’ allegedly placed there to help them out.

Only to find that those ‘agencies’ are actually set up to suck ‘em dry of their last dollars.

That’s when they finally go ballistic after discovering that they’ve been duped

That’s when violence begins in the streets.
So who is causing this grief?

Anyone smart enough to perceive cause and effect might take a look at the CVs of the sort we have in our local/regional councils.
The vast majority are into real-estate – or is that unreal-estate?

A reasonable person would easily assume that they are there to feather their own nests – not for any reasons of altruism.

They tell me that a referendum is happening with the next federal raffle.
The masters want us to ‘legitimise’ local government.

In other words they (the masters) want us to give these local ‘government bastards the legal right to rip us off blind.

Good luck to you if you are mug enough to fall for that one.

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