Thursday, July 11, 2013


This evening again - the stench began blowing in from the methamphetamine lab over the road.

After a while the stink of ozone began drifting in.
A double whammy for us yet again.

We cop the effluent from their brewing meth – then their industrial scale clean-up with that ozone generator afterward.

So faced with that you call ‘crimestoppers’ ™ in order to make a lawful complaint about being poisoned.

Call – be abused by experts, only to have them hang up the phone.
Call again – the same and then again.
Become annoyed enough to keep calling – mainly because we all are becoming rather sick.

The victim becomes the problem - according to them.

So some tough bastard comes to the phone – refuses to give his name, rank and number and insists that I’m the problem.

I’m the problem and I happen to live in the electorate of our police minister.

Of course I’m the problem in this electorate of the police minister for the simple reason that I do not want to live downwind from a methamphetamine lab condoned by his police in his electorate.
I’m the problem because I’m beside myself with worry about my Lady Wife and my son.
I don’t give a fuck about myself. Other than worrying about my own waterworks failing abysmally.

I have put it to his meth brewing mates over the road that I have no problem with their games so long as they leave us alone and for them to find a way to conduct their activities without poisoning us.

But that isn’t good enough for them.

I don’t see why why we should die for the greater good of the drugfucked employees of the mining industry.

Nor do I see why I should be in eternal conflict with corrupt cops.

Believe me when I say that queensland was buggered beyond recall under the laborites.

Now the newmanites have it – she’s really a colossal failure.

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  1. TIM THE TOOL MANJuly 12, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    Too true.
    That's the way it is going.
    The filth reckon they don't get enough pay.
    Look at the recent brouhaha with the politicos.
    Premier away on holidays and all sorts of shit happens.

    I'm stupid too - but I reckon this was all about pulling a coup on Newman.
    If that payrise had gone through he would have been diced and sliced as premier.

    This is as bad as it gets and that's the scum we get to vote for.