Friday, April 15, 2011

“WILKIE CAN’T REMEMBER – BUT I DO” – or - man of straw

No-one is above the law, except?
Even scum have rights
Treating people badly
Turn over a new leaf
Mistake of fact
No jurisdiction X cross jurisdiction = no justice
The end justifies the means
Plausible deniability
More bastardization
So that’s what he’s like, then
Why bother voting
It takes a right bastard to get rid of those pokies
He doesn’t care – he’s not the one who died
What does he care about, then?

Author – Inge, Lady Friday

I’ve been detailed to write this one.
The team decided it would appear far too strange to have our Django writing about another.

Mr. Django Merope-Synge is about 21 years of age and works in the office of the federal independent, Mr. Andrew Wilkie.

As an author, electoral candidate, then as an independent MP, Mr. Wilkie has relied upon projecting attitudes and uttering supporting statements that a person might expect are his personal views and values.

In the event that Mr. Wilkie is nothing but a cynical pragmatist a reasonable person would still expect Mr. Wilkie’s word to be his bond and act ethically, honourably and lawfully as a parliamentarian and as a citizen.

Having read this speech - – a person would realise that Mr. Wilkie wanted Australia to believe that he cared deeply about the welfare and fate of those with whom he once shared the vocation at arms. (as Arthur put it – “You’d have to be either a psycho or a lying bastard to make a speech like that then ignore what happened to Matthew. Want me to toss a coin?”)

Opening that document reveals that it was released from Wilkie’s office by Mr. Merope Synge.
To belabour the point – both of them would have to be astoundingly absent minded or culpably incompetent were they to pretend ignorance of the content of that document.

Yet they have proven themselves ignorant, forgetful and incompetent.
Certainly all the indicators are there for everyone to see and read.

The best part is that Mr. Merope-Synge has put it in writing for us in result of his replies to several requests addressed to Mr.Wilkie.
Mr. Merope Synge has been contacted by telephone and was asked if any reason existed why those communications should not be published.
He conceded that no such lawful reason existed however expressed a request that they should not.

For the time being we shall not so much respect that request – rather accede to his wishes to save him embarrassment.

Anyone reading the media accounts about Mr. Wilkie, his office, his previous career and the glaring disparity between his public persona and what has recently been discovered about him would agree that such would merely be gilding the lily.
So what the hell.

Mr. Merope Synge’s dismissive communications arrived over the last few days coincident with the cack hitting the fan in Mr.Wilkie’s office.
As usual with these things in our NON-representative cathouse passing for a parliament the poor inexperienced staffer had to fob off the citizen while his boss dealt with more important matters.

More important matters like damage-control.
Like working out how NOT to remember forcing Duntroon cadets to give the Nazi Salute.
Like NOT remembering giving a cadet a hazing for refusing an act of allegiance to a Fascist, totalitarian, warmongering power. (Yes. Does sound a bit over the top – nonetheless a legal fact. Try giving the Hitler salute in certain parts of Eorope. Try FORCING someone to do that there.)
Like NOT remembering much of that but somehow DEFINITELY remembering that he didn’t sexually fiddle with any of them.
Oh he COULD remember that he was indeed up on a fizzer along with his bastardizing ringmates back then.

But that’s okay ‘cos he’s turned over a new leaf. Or so he says.

We say in a pig’s eye he has.
We submit that he’s a bit of an opportunist and a hypocrite.
And can prove it.
Except that we’d have to reveal the identity of a father who insists his son’s death resulted from his defence service and qld health’s criminal incompetence.

We’ve mentioned some of this before -
Documents of record corroborating the facts have been forwarded to our esteemed parliamentarians and agencies of  jurisdiction but it appears this son’s father doesn’t have enough money to pay appropriate bribes.
Wilkie is just the last in a long line.

They used to call this ‘the lucky country’.

Yeah. Lucky if you are lucky or corrupt. No-one with skill or ethics need apply.

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  1. Character assassination is easy at the keyboard. If you had ever been in the army, you might be a bit more forgiving. How is your public persona compared to your private persona?
    Don't hear you saying anything about a double crossing Prime Minister on the pokies issue. Will have to stop there, could go on forever.
    Isn't it easy to assassinate the character of a person, from your computer?