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Author Reinhardt D.J.
Arthur noticed the connection but we still can’t get him off the office Harley he borrowed the other week.
Reckons when he gets enough on the job experience he’s applying for a job with OzBike Magazine.
Nonetheless he’s found the time to follow what’s been happening to the lad from Townsville and put together a few notes comparing the huge amount of press Julian has been copping to the total lack of page space for real social justice and public interest issues in Australia.
So while Arthur’s out roaring about on that big bore Panhead I’m stuck here seeing that his story pans out.
Amazing isn’t it how one story isn’t ‘deemed’ worthy of publication when another is.
The APN group, for instance, seem as guilty of selectivity and conflict of interest as anyone else in the much compromised and corrupted media.
But for God’s sake if they are on the spot for the main chance and a scoop then they should be able to do infinitely better than this effort -
- That is, if they have the slightest interest in overseeing justice instead of hoping to sell a few more regional papers with the same old weeping mum/errant child human interest angle tripe.

The team at Calligula’s Horse have heard rumours that APN have developed a misguided belief that they might be able to access the WIKILEAKS files at bargain basement prices if they can manipulate Julian’s mum into some vile exclusivity agreement.
We cannot believe that. Surely they wouldn’t/couldn’t be that silly.
But let’s look at how silly they can be.
It takes our minds back to the last federal election in a certain electorate in regional Queensland. (Oh Yeah; you democracy challenged third worlders should note that raffles are rigged expertly in good ol’ Queensland too.)
A reasonable person would have fair expectation that an event advertised as a pre-election public forum would be open to each and every voter (and each electoral candidate for that matter) who wished to attend the local uni campus for that occasion.
That reasonable person would expect that - if, in good faith, he’d composed and lodged a ‘question’ with the convenor in good time prior to the forum, for the purpose of that question being put to the candidates during the forum – that in the interest of democratic process such a question be actually be asked of the candidates at that forum.
Here is the question that APN staff decided to censor -
“Hello --- ------, (the forum convenor)
Thank you for permitting me time to brief you by phone at 1520 hrs, August 16.
As mentioned my family has grave concerns that our politicians refuse to address and avoid action by declaring the matters complex and/or cross jurisdictional.
I believe the matters I raise are well within the concept of the public interest to have answered in public and be addressed and have corrected by the next Federal Member for Hinkler.

Background summary; justification for request for answers -

My son Matthew passed away at home after a long illness - 13/12/2004.
He became ill when on multi-national military manoeuvres at Shoalwater Bay with 9 RQR some four years earlier. I believe the exercise was “Croc 99”.
My son at the time had been a Defence Reservist for some ten years, was a bearer of the “Combat Readiness Badge” * and would have passed a physical and medical before attending this exercise.
* - http://www.anao.gov.au/uploads/documents/1999-00_Audit_Report_26.pdf - which document details ‘combat readiness’ status.

I submit that -

·         it is beyond belief that a soldier, albeit a Reservist, can be deemed “Combat Ready” and fit enough for service, can be deemed a few months later only good enough for the scrap heap.
·         it is a matter of record that Shoalwater Bay and other Defence exercise areas are a focus for a number of endemic tropical diseases causing symptoms such as were displayed by my son. **
·         government is quite able to resolve cross jurisdictional problems when it suits government - but apparently not in the case of this family.
My family’s concerns surround the matters mentioned above as do my questions relate to Matthew’s treatment -
·         by Defence,
·         by the public health system and Bundaberg hospital after he became ill and
·         the way his family was treated by ‘governance’ after his death.
By this I mean that Matthew’s service record clearly indicates that at about ten years service he was a fit, capable, highly qualified and multi-skilled soldier. It also demonstrates that once he became unwell at twelve years in he was treated with the same notorious distain that the Australian Defence Force and the Dept. of Veterans Affairs metes out to his colleagues. ***
Then once Matthew became seriously ill with oesophageal haemorrhage - what did he meet by way of health care?

None other than Bundaberg hospital and Dr Patel’s team. ****

As well as being a Defence Reservist Matthew was also a partner in our family business. He helped with the design, prototyping and testing of a product we invented towards saving police lives. *****
It appears that police reward industry innovators from Bundaberg by firstly renewing their licenses (purchased from police - $2000) the same day Matthew dies - then arbitrarily cancelling those licenses a few weeks later after a series of ‘home invasions’ at the time when this family was still in mourning.
A feature of our democracy is the recognition that ‘detriment caused by defective administration’ does happen. ******
On paper - but apparently only on paper - these schemes provide resolution for detriment and harm.
It is a matter of record that my family has been subject to an intensity of detriment and harm.

The question follows -

1 - Could Mr Neville or any other candidate present explain why the Member for Hinkler refused to act - for that matter, refused to meet with us even to discuss this family’s concerns?
By this I mean that if Mr Neville is re-elected will he continue to refuse my family our democratic right.

Best regards –“

The result –
“Hi ---, this email was sent to me from a gentleman that called me yesterday and talked about his questions for Paul Neville.  Can you put this in as a question for the forum?  Thanks,
------------ --------- (convenor)
Senior Lecturer, -------- -----------
-- University Australia,
University Drive
” - etc

Fair enough and timely response from the actual convenor; but what follows from APN –
Let’s choose the best of the excuses they could come up with why in their opinion a superannuated ex-movie theatre manager (whose movie theatre had to be bought by city council to keep it going) is more important than the process of democracy –

“Dear Mr ---------,
As I said in my reply yesterday, I’m not trying to suggest your concerns aren’t valid and I would like to look into them further. What I said was I did not think tonight was the appropriate forum to raise them. The forum is about the policy of each of the candidates and their party, and how those affect the whole electorate. The idea is to help swinging voters make up their minds before Saturday’s polling day.

Your complaint with Mr Neville, while understandably very distressing to you, will not have a wider impact on the rest of the audience and I’m concerned your complaint would be disruptive to the proceedings because of the complicated nature of it. Nor do I think you will be able to get a satisfactory or informed answer tonight.

We have asked people to submit their questions on the understanding we will do our best to ask as many as possible within the time constraints, but there is no guarantee all questions will be asked. This is exactly the same as our letters to the editor page — we are often unable to print people’s letters immediately because of the number we are sent and there is often a lag between submission and publication. As always, we reserve the right to edit or not publish if we feel the content is inappropriate or defamatory.

I’m sorry if you object to my judgment on this, but my judgment is that while I believe your concerns are inappropriate for tonight, I will still give you the commitment to look at them in closer detail. And there is certainly no collusion between me and any candidate. The ---- ---- has always and will always do its best to treat everyone fairly and does not give any partisan support to any individual or party.

Kind regards,
-------- ------
Editor -------- -------“

What utter piffle.
The grieving father of his dead son was denied ‘permission’ to raise the issue of federal involvement and the complete refusal of action of/by the incumbent federal politician at the only public forum here prior to the last election.

That bastard regained his seat because of the complete absence of any embarrassment and the slumbrous apathy of the electorate.
Should it embarrass our politicians to speak truth in reply to such a simple question as raised above?

Ask Julian Assange.

Isn’t this what people like us and Julian are suggesting – that the whole lot with money and influence are corrupted beyond any redemption?
Isn’t it the small things like refusal of justice or representation that usually go unnoticed because they are ‘too complex’ to be reported and usually only happen on a piecemeal basis to unimportant individuals and those unable to speak up for themselves?
Isn’t that what ‘democracy’ is allegedly about?

Isn’t it all becoming a bit bloody obvious how ‘from little things big things grow’?

With apologies to Paul Kelly and his song the big things that have grown up in the Land of Oz is corruption.
It undoubtedly started out small (like, HA, with the RUM CORPS) and probably remains relatively small out in the regions mainly because it is aided and abetted by stupid people who betray for free believing they’ll be ‘okay’ if the stick with those they perceive as the winners.

So back to Kelly –
“A story of something more - how power and privilege cannot move people who know where they stand and stand in the law.” – which is now something thrown out the door.
No. It has all gone past a joke, Paul K. Time for a protest song.
While Australian Nationals have been denied natural justice and been locked up overseas another set of us are copping worse here.
We’ve had a political coup closely followed by a disastrous election a few months ago. All a bit counterproductive and completely irresponsible according to rank armchair amateurs.
A control freak with a geek’s sense of humour was toppled in favour of a signed up member of ‘Emily’s List ™.
She claims to have been a lawyer but evidently fails to grasp the first principles of natural justice as does her Attorney General.
According to rank armchair amateurs this demotes our coup winning PM down to the level of the mutiny troubled Bligh in Queensland.
Funny how the allegedly tightbound Kev accepts a bit of critical exposure as part of the political process while those who gave him the bum’s rush are frothing at the mouth.
But while all this crapola continues unionists and activists are being unlawfully arrested and detained now and here in Oz.

A ‘labor’ ™ government, EH?

When we were young Bjelke Petersen used to feed the chooks (the media).
Nowadays the press feed the chooks (the populace).
Doesn’t take a great mind to define who’s dipping out either way.
Can’t work it out, you Bunny?
Why, the populace are the losers every time these days.
Well, there you have it.
Looks like Arthur had a point – had earned his research grant and his petrol money after all.
Required reading -

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