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Is there something in this for me? (Urgent attention, Andrew Wilkie)

Author – Arthur
That insufferable prick paid off the press again – or somehow coerced them into publishing that part of his final solution that habitually occupies the forefront of what passes for his brain.

The wing-eared pugilist was on the blower again, bashing the poor (It occupies the forefront of what passes for his brain).

Politically correct Australia puts turds like him in charge of Her Majesty’s Opposition.
Surely it can’t be by design.

Great opposition.
A vast fund of imagination there.

As was said just then on GayBeeCee™ radio - “A snake takes no notice of an injured mouse.”
The GayBeeCee™ was talking about an alleged paedophile/murderer.

I’m talking about the Leader of HM’s Opposition.
“A snake takes no notice of an injured mouse.”

Neither does Abbott give a continental about an injured or unwell Aussie.

Except the paedophile harmed only one as far as the court is concerned.

Whereas this sick prick I’m talking about applies the same policy to hundreds of thousands of innocents beyond his care, beyond his knowledge.

I reckon he’s full of hate. He gets his rocks off harming people. He enjooooys doing it.

Sometimes it makes me puke – no bullshit, it really does.
Australians are so hopeless these days at thinking anything through.

Everything is just so immediate for the whole bang lot of them.
They never stop to think what it is going to be like if they get crook or when they grow old.
Very few of ‘em have looked back over the last three or four decades and thought – “Shit, what a hard scrabble of disappointment and lack of opportunity it’s all been.”

Only the very few have ever worked it out and faced the fact that the ‘PIGS’ in this society have been ripping off the rest, hollow and bloodless.

If they expect their kids to look after them when they can’t get out of bed to do a crap – then they are mistaken.
It won’t be because they’ve gone off you – but because they’ll all be out there working for the bloody dole – and besides which, who gives a stuff for the brain-dead, uncomplaining, gutless, old croakers.

If anyone stopped to think for a few secs where this black Irish bastard came from they might work out what he’s up to.

He’s reasonably well funded – or compared to us he’s well funded.
It strikes me that Gillard’s lot is contributing to his funding.

Abbott dumps his crap on people who cannot fight back.
This ugly piece of work so proud of his physical prowess makes use of that in combination with his parliamentary status to say Yaa boo sucks to people out there who’d like to take that arse-with-ears apart.

Meanwhile his opposite number in parliament – another coup winner – takes the opportunity to tell us all that things are gonna be tough.

Stap me if they are not working in concert.
Shove me if Abbott’s bit of fright was not timed to precede the announcement of the other usurper of our right.

I am ARTHUR, teaboy at Calligula’s Horse.
It is said that I’m an idiot savant who makes good tea but meanwhile sees through the crap.
Take my crappy word that Gillard and her pal Abbott are gulling you all.

YOU ALL will reach far too deep into your pockets so long as they stand.

It is time to piss them both off, out of sight and completely beyond recall.

Editor’s comment –
We have decided that Arthur’s article stands unedited.
He describes what some might consider to be a fait-accompli – Abbott’s somewhat backhanded ploy influencing parliament.

Then Arthur manages to reveal the game for what it really is.

An amazingly disgusting act of collusion as he would put it ‘dumping crap on the heads of innocents’ but actually giving Gillard leave to do that job for him in the next budget.
Arthur  said it right in the last editorial meeting when we asked him what was wrong with our parliaments.

FUBAR is what he said.
It can be paraphrased as FOULED Up Beyond Any Recall.
But we all know what he actually said and what we all agree - the intent of his words.

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