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“WHO IS THE LOCAL PIG?” – Part three

Inge, Lady Friday interviews the proprietor of PRS Defence again and again.

Parts one and two of this series of interviews has revealed Queensland for what it was from the latter half of the 1960s through two decades into what some would call the Bjelke Petersen heyday.
Queensland was apparently drifting, according to the inmates, into a continuum where many were beginning to wonder whether the regime would ever end.

‘Groundhog Day’ writ large and intermixed with an overstrong dash of ‘Catch 22”.

The reader might be skeptical about some of the allegations made earlier in this series since no corrobatory records are readily available.
But that isn’t surprising in Queensland even if the matters had been before a court of jurisdiction. http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/commttee/R7411.pdf
A reasonable person (as I’m sure my interviewee would say) would have no expectation whatsoever of discovering the truth if even the Federal Standing committee of Legal and Constitutional Affairs couldn’t cut through the obfuscation that is Queensland.

Somehow, the definition of ‘courts of no record’ has developed a rather nefarious double meaning in Queensland.

So let’s cut to the chase -

Inge – I’m sure that people can see where you’re coming from about that magistrate and his friends. Things began to go pear-shaped when Mr. Bjelke Petersen became premier. But  didn’t the FitzGerald thing fix that?
P – “ You tell me how a team of Australia’s most capable jurists could fix something so completely entrenched.
I’m told the people end up with the government they deserve and I reckon Queensland is a bloody good example of that.
Tony Fitzgerald did his best. To so many he was a hero.
You’d expect that hero would be living in Queensland now enjoying his retirement and sitting on the courthouse steps in the pleasant morning sunshine giving sage advice to all and sundry turning up for their day of justice – wouldn’t you?
But here he is in NSW –
and this is why -

Inge – But all that was up there with the power brokers and as far as the rest of Queensland was concerned, according to you, all up there with the fairies. Right?
P – “Depends what you call fairies, Inge. Are they fairies or demons?
Depends on a person’s private fears and expectations from life.
Seems to me that life reflected what people said – ‘we live in a white car-nation’ was a good one; another classic – ‘Oh well, that doesn’t concern me, I can afford that’ - seems to sum up the attitude of the clueless, spineless, unimaginative, conformist dolts populating the quarry the place had become.
All I can say is that if the Labor party was first established by unionists meeting under a tree at Barcaldine then it is no bloody wonder the tree has died.
It wasn’t poisoned – it died of shame.”

Inge – You’re proving yourself to be a bit of a hard man aren’t you mister? Complaining about corruption in the conservative side of politics and now you’re up Labor for the rent.
What’s left, the poor old Greenies?
P – “Hah. I was intending to say ‘all in good time’ for a sec’ but you’ve reminded me of something my Lady Wife discovered the other week.
Give us a loan of your laptop. Ah, here you go – trap these in the text –
So, Inge, what do you think of them apples, politically speaking, I mean?”

Inge – I’m completely lost for words – hey, I’m the one doing the interviewing here –
P – “Sorry, rhetorical question.
Look, the point I make is this. People are a little less naïve than they used to be – leastways they do tend to become cynical when they finally work out than opportunists rarely practice what they preach. And, oh lordy, hasn’t there been a bit of that going on lately.
Agreed, it usually takes a hefty tap with a sledgehammer between their eyes to gain their attention but once gained they usually work it out.
Getting ‘em to actually READ something is admittedly a bit of a challenge but what the hell – we’re stuck with this medium for the time being.”

Inge – Well, if you want them to read this you’d better get cracking.
P – “What is the common denominator, then?
I’ll tell you. It’s an industry called exploitation. That industry is managed with industrial grade manipulation and is presented to the masses in various novel guises carefully calculated to stymie the peasantry. Politics, religion, culture, sport –
Hey, what a bloody joke it has become that our churchmen (notice rarely the women) are so completely morally compromised that our sportsmen have to sign off behavior clauses in their contracts.
Good god, what has become of us that our gladiators have to be so falsely and cynically presented as paragons of virtue.
Politicians – ever met one that has never breached his solemn oath to do this or that once elected? If one of those ever KEPT a promise his colleagues’d keelhaul him for exceeding his authority.”

Inge – And this leads where?
P – “Hopefully to a point where a few people who read this of the millions outside the privileged oligarchy begin to understand that they are being taken for a ride.
In parts 1 and 2 we covered in fairly convincing detail how Queensland government has treated Queenslanders for the best part of a lifetime.
The world has moved on but Queensland and most of Australia has remained, governance-wise, nothing but a penal colony with no proper constitution, no charter of rights at all and a complete travesty of a justice system.
I mean, what do you have to do to get them to wake up?
They sit there watching their horrormovie news right there on their TeeVee tut, tutting about all those ‘revolting wogs over there’ demanding constitutional chance and amendments to their respective bills of rights.
Imagine that.
Stap me; the bloody dullards are so completely ignorant that if it could ever be driven home into their consciousness that THEY can’t complain about THEIR friggin’ bill of rights ‘cos they bloody well don’t have one – they’d say something like ‘Oh well, that saves us a lot of bother then’.
They do believe in some things though.
They believe in their right to own their own home, a good car to get to work and three square meals a day.
Which makes me damned near puke laughing. Even if they ever managed to make the final payment on that boulder suspended from their necks they’d drop dead a few years later.
Meanwhile they’d be stuck driving a dangerous rustbucket to work and looking forward to the Sunday pot roast all bloody week.
And as we all know that dream is now unsustainable.”

“Here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4poWiKfg1MU – the dream collapsed -
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Boxes - if you need an explanation -
- to be replaced with the bitter truth – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXvyhqE_a38


(Now, whatever you do reader – don’t click on to these or look for the Pete Seeger connection there.)”

Inge – Oho. Think you can stoop to ART to get your message across, do you?
Well, I’m gonna upstage YOU, mister - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDQnfF6-j48&feature=related
There you are, and there you are readers.
End of interview, Part 3.

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  1. Iv’e been playing the circuit for years and didn’t know those protest songs are still the go.

    Have the greatest respect for Woodie Guthrie and his people but why didn’t you include him in the blog instead of sending this to that Passant .
    While on that subject how about Joanie Mitchell –
    Since we are talking about SENTIMENT and not art.
    Keep up this work.
    When youre are on the road it pays to keep in touch but Id’ almost given up on the internet.
    I can see where you’re coming from and appreciate the sense of detail your team applies to your work.
    Could you do an article sometime about the clusterfuck these governments are causing honest musos making a living on the road.
    Maybe give us a plug?
    Can I ask you to take these following details in confidence –
    RJ Mckluskie, touring musician
    PS – Be assured that I hate polticians