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“FACT OR FICTION? or “In Blether, Veritas” or “Mea Culpa”

It appears that Queenslanders are even bigger thickies than we could ever have imagined.
No bloody wonder they keep putting up with the official manure being poured on their heads and can’t work out simple concepts like - “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Yep; Queenslanders believe in the Bible alright – the abridged version which says – “Do unto others, and be damned quick about it.”

Anyway – since publishing the last article (url above) yesterday evening we’ve received numerous communications verging on the abusive about our little parable.
Apparently it was “a vexatious diatribe against legitimate authority based on quite ridiculous concepts.”

From our point of view there was absolutely nothing in that article that is not factual except the chronological setting – of 50 years in the future.

Let’s analyse that –
Firstly, the heading image.
So Brizzo doesn’t exactly have some god-like head-in-a-bubble looking down watching everyone?

Want to bet?
Before you put your money down you’d better go ask those who have picked up an unexpected speeding ticket, a red light ticket, or who’ve been busted for taking a quiet leak around some corner, one dark night, in the city.
We’re sure the odd urban lurker, shoplifter, or pick-pocket would agree.
As for Brizzo and SE Qld becoming a ‘foreign owned fantasy playground for the wealthy’ –
It bloody well already is. Call it “Brizvegas” don’t they?
And like tinsel town, little bits break off and float away downriver with a bit of rain.

Damned right there are hundreds of thousands of honest decent Brisbanites putting up with the monstrosity their city has become, traveling for hours just to get to those two jobs too many of you need just to survive.
It is for all your sakes (or so the masters claim) that Brisbane already has a god watching you from above.

It ain’t some quaint old gentleman voyeur perving down on you from a bubble in the sky.
Voyeuristic it is and its thousands of eyes are up there on poles, in corners of rooms, in light fittings and suchlike everywhere.

Hoo boy – tempting to say at this stage something like – “Its name is LEGION and its number is 666” – but that would be gilding the lily.]

But this particular omniscient entity is the least interested in your soul.
It probably believes you don’t even have a soul.
Like so many others including those allegedly into ‘religion’ it’s the contents of your WALLET it wants in order to feed the numerous tiers of its masters and minions both.

On to the text –
The future scenario we compiled actually describes present fact.
Certain elements – repeat, CERTAIN ELEMENTS - of the Qld government DO have grave concerns about adverse outcomes of mining; especially with regard to groundwater toxicity resulting from coal seam gas generation.

This concern is supported by fact. Ongoing tests prove that a range of mining activities are resulting in such an increase in groundwater and watercourse toxicity as have already rendered significant areas of prime agricultural land “unsustainable”.

To know about the future bit – the big IF and WHEN – all we have to do is look at what has happened elsewhere.
The ‘look what’s coming out our kitchen water tap’ pikkie in the ‘National Geographic’ is a bit of a fright.

Farmers in the Midwest US with domestic bores once had crystal clear drinking water straight out of the ground.
Now they have green gunk that they can light with a match.
Some are even luckier.
Their taps leak radon gas.

So IF Q-Gov keeps plugging for miners and their temporary profits without regard for agriculturalists and the land – it will shortly come to a time WHEN the land annexed and pulverized by mining leaches so much poison into Queensland that crops n’ cattle will no longer be grown.

Oh, don’t worry thick Queenslanders, the land will still produce.
It’ll produce five legged, three eyed cows producing milk that’ll taste like turpentine and carrots that can be jammed in the sconce and lit like candles.

That’ll be handy, the carrots, when the gas runs out and there’s none left for all those ‘clean’ power stations.

The point we make at Calligula’s Horse is that our dear government does have standards to protect you, the citizen.
They’ll let your land be poisoned while they’ll also occasionally test your food for toxicity – leastways they’ll test EXPORT food for toxicity, or someone will.

And when that happens, when farmers lose their prime markets and be forced off the land – Queensland will need to be seen to be exercising a food security regime.
Queensland, in its inimitable style will therefore implement a ‘food police’ of some sort or other which, in the usual course of events, will become corrupted.

Precedent, disappearances, Qld ‘food police’ –
In the early 1960s two ‘fishery inspection officers’ began work in a Qld coastal town.
Like our QFP Qld food police they had a broad remit and were apparently granted arbitrary search and seize authority.
One extremely fine, clear, day shortly after beginning their duties in the district they went on patrol in their boat and were never seen again.
They and their equipment disappeared off the face of the earth never to be seen again despite riverine and sea conditions being pond-like for days after their disappearance.
It may or may not be apocryphal that they became ‘crab bait’.

Precedents, Qld authority, governance, justice, corruption –
Queensland usually reacts to contingencies by enacting punitive legislation, loaded with loopholes, overnight.
It is a moot point whether the loopholes have typically been intentional.

They most certainly SEEM intentional when placed in perspective with vested interests or when laws conflict with certain interests – so for example the aforementioned cityscape and highway panopticon – thousands of cctv and recording cameras cost millions in installation, operation and maintenance and probably provide little in real return or quality of life.

They certainly create another tier of ‘governance’ and make an entirely new environmental niche for  such societal parasites as live off  this regulation created victimless crime.
Note that lawyers, barristers and judges are specifically not mentioned.

Then Qld police in so many ways given authority over drugs, hotels and public venues, vice/prostitution, morals, firearms, vehicles and their configuration, livestock, entertainment, art, even public gathering have been required to exercise a narrow, repressive, punitive regime imposed by defective legislation and overzealous, restrictive, regulation.

All too much of their daily trade imposed by a close minded legislature has put them directly in the way of subsuming their core activity of apprehending criminals to regulating human activity in too many intrusive and resentment causing ways.

In the process of managing human activity by regulation numerous windows of opportunity for malfeasance are opened for the regulators as victimless crimes are created among the regulated.

Which is precisely why, as history ably demonstrates, too many police exceed their authority and/or become corrupt.

But what detriment have they caused in the process –
Well, we suggest you phone ‘em up and ask ‘em.

In the meantime while you’re deciding whether you have any outstanding traffic tickets have a read about some of their ‘blueys’.
  • Just the other day we had two women, a police sergeant and an ‘administrative member’ of the force arrested for serious allegations of drug dealing.
  • Certain police districts (including at least two headquarters localities) are found by the anti-corruption body to be thoroughly corruption compromised.
  • Meanwhile a police officer up on a fizzer for tazering a bloke to death – for actually keeping on zapping him ‘til he’s blue in the face explains to a sympathetic beak that he didn’t know tazers hurt and he’d never read the manual anyway ??
  • In other parts of queensland coppers tazer each other ‘for the fun and character building aspect’ of the activity.
  • Another police officer uses his knee as a kidney crushing lethal weapon and gets away with it.
  • Police are issued with a semi-automatic pistol (without a physical safety catch) at the same time state governments legislate against firearms in the community.
  • Incidents of police shootings increase dramatically after that date.
  • Meanwhile violent crime and property crime within the community reach epidemic proportions.

And just keep yourself posted; keep listening to the news and the scuttlebutt down at the local.
While police remain operating as a para-military organization authorized under legislation to apprehend criminals (and they are NOT empowered to fight crime) they will never cease being corrupted until the burden of politicized regulatory regimes is entirely removed from their sphere of influence.

Give us a break -
I doubt whether any of you comfortable bastards out there have a clue about how you are being manipulated by all this or muster up the emergy to even think about it for a few secs.

Countless thousands of you would love to roll up and smoke a reefer without the constant worry of having your door kicked in.
Even more of you would like to be able to have a bit of leeway with the drink drive laws so you can socialize within moderation and still drive home carefully afterwards without the worry of a court appearance.

Most parents realise they’ve completely lost the means to argue reason with their hormone driven and increasingly stoned offspring.
They’d love to dispense with the spiraling costs of increasingly arcane ‘counselling sessions’ and give the brats what they richly deserve – a good, loving, clout about their ears before someone else more capable and less forgiving sorts ‘em out.

It has to end sometime –
Life goes on and advances sometimes add complexity.
A reasonable person can see that legislators cannot just continue passing more legislation, amending the old and regulating every aspect of creation.

One government wants to put a tax on what is nothing more than a proportion of our expelled breath (they seem to forget that trees actually breathe that same gas in.
Meanwhile another government of the same alleged persuasion wants to destroy the very soil itself in order to harness and exploit what they call ‘greenhouse causing gases’.

One government wants to make life itself too expensive for the majority of Australians while the other wants to slip the misericorde between our ribs by denying us the ground we walk on, the water we drink and the very air we breathe by poisoning it for all time.

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