Thursday, March 17, 2011


Image – Sometimes nation states have to act in ways not readily understood by the ‘common man’. Sometimes violence is necessary and sometimes ‘masterful inactivity’. Kevin Rudd mightn’t want Julian Assange assassinated but does want a ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya. What Kev thinks about Raymond Davis getting away with murder or schoolboys being punished for defending themselves is most probably also diametrically opposed to what Julia wants.
But never mind – the Australian public service are innovative and always have the answer.
This one was simple – just lose the ‘keys of state’ and divert everyone with an emu parade.

It appears that some arrangement has been made to secure his release –

It appears that some of the mainstream press can arrive at similar conclusions as do we; the thick skulled team at Calligula’s Horse.

In the previous article we blew it by suggesting Mr. Davis might become the ‘fall guy’ of the Great Game – tit for tat, a sop for those mistreated in that imperialist game.
That was by way of assuming even the USofA, in this day and age, couldn’t or wouldn’t stoop to buying Mr. Davis out of that much trouble.

But we were wrong.
They did stoop and almost as low as that day many years ago when they pretended that they had no clue that a Japanese fleet was heading toward Pearl Harbour.

The Australian twist –
The PM, as chief politician of what someone on the Guardian blog called a “poodle state”, has just returned from a tour of obeisance in the USofA.
More watery eyes and quavering voice – or was she just ‘poodle-faking’ in reverse?

What was she being briefed about?

Who knows – but it’s a fair guess that at least one part would be about how to treat the likes of Julian Assange and anyone else Australian who causes any bother to the USofA.

A prime symptom of the psychopath is their inability to perceive when they are causing harm.

When Australian schoolchildren are forced to defend themselves they are punished –

Okay then;  who or what do we have running the world?
  • The USofA apparently condones extreme force undertaken with prejudice under the pretence of ‘diplomatic immunity’
  • The USofA pays blood money (or arranges for blood money to be paid) in order to buy the freedom of one of its mercenaries
  • In other words the USofA affords diplomatic status to mercenaries
  • Australia is a formal ally of the USofA
  • Australians have been incarcerated and threatened with assassination by elements of the USofA machinery of state
  • Australians have no charter of rights –
  • And therefore have no right to defend themselves against violence nor protect themselves against detriment
  • An Australian schoolboy being subject to escalating physical violence electing to defend himself with reasonable force is punished for defending himself
  • Every day in Australian courts Australian citizens are being punished for being in the circumstance of having to defend themselves

At the risk of upsetting any Australian reading this I’ll ask these questions –
Why do Australians keep their thumbs in their bums and their minds in neutral when it comes to the matter of their lack of rights?
Why can’t Australians see that we can only defend rights in other countries if we have rights at home?
Why can’t Australians understand that if the underdog is to be defended that the underdog must have a lawful right to defend themselves?

There are some conspiracy theories around the ridges.
They range from lizards in rubber masks to ghostlike beings from the hollow earth running our politics.

At Calligula’s Horse we’re not too sure about any of them but one thing for sure is that someone has lost the keys.

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