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“Always treat a small, unimportant area that is usually out-of-sight before washing the entire surface.”
Arthur was only using tap water and couldn’t find any instructions on the hose nozzle.
He decided to give the tail a good hose down before climbing up to do the wings.
He’d just gone forward to give the hubcaps and oleos a squirt when he heard a funny sizzling noise behind him.
“Shoot”, says Arthur I’m glad I didn’t wash the Hardly Drivable first!”

As I write this the temperature is 37 degrees C.
I’ve just taken a sip of cool tap water, gagged, and thrown the rest of the glassful out the door.
Oh it looks good, sparkling clear most of the time but tastes vile.
Today, the chlorine concentration is so high that you can smell a running tap five metres away AND a sip of the corrosive stuff burns the back of your throat.

Maybe its payback following the grand council amalgamation in Qld

My little town always used to have beautiful water unlike the coastal township next door.
Their water was so bad that it might as well have been pumped directly out of the Pacific Ocean directly above one of their sewage outlets.
Their petty, conniving politics was as bad as their water.

Then following Beattie’s ‘undemocratic council amalgamation without referendum’ and the forced conjunction of that shire with my city they’ve completely shagged the administration, politics and costs structure of the entire regional council as something closer to urine than water flows erratically through our pipes.
Naturally, along with the reduction of services and disappearance of quality with what little remains of traditional services – those few remaining services cost a fecking fortune.

And infinitely more importantly why the hell should we be paying a fecking fortune for something killing us en masse.
As the man says here – he’s straight arrow enough to believe in water treatment with chlorine in the correct concentration – repeat, chlorine in the correct concentration.

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