Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hey newman!
I have this letter before me 3/5/2013 from your staffer, ‘Michael Prain’.

He advises us that you ‘understand’ that the death threats bellowed through our front windows are making us ‘very anxious’.

You can say that again, arsehole.

Especially when your police farce want to arrest me for being the recipient of those threats.

I mean, fuck me noddy, where is your head at f’r chrissakes.

I realise the cunt doesn’t ride a motorcycle – but that wasn’t mentioned in your vlad legislation either.

Now, while I do appreciate that the worm is a defrocked cop or something even worse – he’s still brewing meth, is completely off his trolley on some power trip of his own – and consequently needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

But for some reason that cunt and his pals seem to be exempt from the law.

I mean, in the immortal words of one of your raffle winning pals, noddy – fair suck of the sauce bottle –
If I were one of your fuckwit, redneck, pals – I’d expect you to have this manipulative, meth brewing, psycho over the road arrested months ago – ON THE BASIS OF YOUR OWN LEGISLATION.

But you won’t do that – ‘cos the cunt is of your sort.
He brews meth.
He struts around the neighbourhood like a prize turkey (apparently under the protection of your political police).
He’s more than obviously doing his best to annex and consolidate property around here to create a little ‘power patch’ of his own. (The old Vietnamese gambit)
He’s doing that in the electorate of your ‘police minister’.
And it has become bloody obvious that he’s exempt from law and his bullying bullshit is condoned by your police farce.

All that seems to align with what a horde of people have solidly stated in the public domain about your previous conduct in Brisbane council.

Best put it this way –
We’ve gone through official channels – but your pigs keep threatening us every time we complain.
I have letters here from your office, from the regional pork headquarters and from your CMC.

Yet the pig-dogs over the road and up the street (all opposite a state school) keep acting like Mafiosi loonies and your ‘police’ keep threatening us –
Keep threatening us for what – newman?

Keep threatening us for refusing to move away from our home and go live under some friggin’ bridge.

But you and your sort of excrement will keep up the pressure, won’t you, you arseholes.

Bikies out – politically correct meth brewers in.
Defrocked, psychopathic pigs and utter nutters from every corner of the extended families of the sicko-politosphere .

Yep. A brave new wirebound world.

What a fucking shame that, back in 1922, those slimy laborites who shagged our upper house didn’t write a clause requiring queensland politicians to be queensland born.

If they’d managed that – most of the prize fuckwits causing us all this grief would never have been elected.

Including the present fuhrer.

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