Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Funnily enough – the seppos keep bleating about their ‘tea party’.

Looks like the majority of the citizenry in the usa haven’t been taught about the ‘Boston rebellion’, the ‘tea party’ – that vaunted demonstration leading to their secession from the British Union.

Seems like their big cover-up is about disguising the fact that their secession started out with a succession of plain old fashioned terrorist acts.
They certainly went ballistic when the southern states wanted quit of the north.

Similar lapses occur in the historical education of our brats here.

Or could it be that they ARE putting something in our water, or the weet bix?

Or have mind controlling, lizard, alien, zombies taken over our various governments?

No. I don’t think so.

Maybe we’ve been taken over by mind controlling, lizard, alien, JUGEARED, zombies?

Now, that DOES fit the big picture.

(At this stage I googled – “jug ears in politics” – knowing that our blessed fuhrer, ‘newman’, our arch-fuhrer, ‘abbortt’, and that potus, ‘terbaccy banana’ should feature large.

But guess what?
The censorship is well in place all over and under this planet.

Which does tend to explain and support my observation about our brats not being taught much history.

But why should I single out their ears for comment?

Easy peasy.
Most people with such jutting auditory appendages should be able to hear well.

But for some reason these ‘statesmen’ mentioned above – don’t – or pretend they can’t.

At this stage I inconclusively googled the matter. A shitload of obfuscation/contradiction about oversized human lugholes – but quite a lot about the superior capability of other animals with big lugs able to hear for miles – and at frequencies/modulations/amplitudes way beyond human capacity. There was a hint there somewhere that apparent humans with excessively big ears might well be atavistic hunter homonids, evolutionary/environmental/artificial mutations, or some sort of hybrid beings. Despite the amazing number of jug-eared politicians extant, they, somehow, seemed to avoid the discourse.)
So, what confronts us?

Firstly – history ignored.
They can’t or don’t read.
That seems to be an asset of the job; a pre-requisite for pre-selection as a candidate for public office.

So what follows after the raffle -
A mob of numerically ever increasing raffle winners who never listen to those they are constitutionally bound to represent.

A fair share of these arseholes equipped with ears large enough to stand beside a deep space radio telescope array and not look out of place.

Yet not one of these cunts pretend ever hear a thing when it comes down to their electorates bellowing into their flapping jugs from five feet away.

Those huge flapping ears are useless – cannot hear for the life of ‘emselves - nothing but a con.

But these wackos have their staff ask their poor bloody constituents to ‘put their grievances in writing’.

Then some of those ‘constituents’ do exactly that.

Ah - Catch 22. Remember, they can't read either.
That's what their corrupt, nasty little staffers are employed to do for 'em.
Yep. The staffers can read after a fashion but they pretend that they can't assimilate the information.

So if the 'constituents' are lucky – some months or years later ( usually, magically, just past the relevant statutes of limitations period) they finally get a reply.

That reply usually paraphrases politely – ‘go fuck yourself. You are, unfortunately, one nanosecond too late.’

They’ll go on to say something like – “but don’t take our word for that – get legal advice. They’ll screw you hollow too.”

Yet we are paying money every day in so many ingenious ways for these corrupt shiteheels, and their pals, and members of their incestuous extended families, to screw all us mere peasants – to screw us crosseyed.

As for mind controlling, lizard, alien, zombies?
Forget ‘em.

Those silly dills wouldn’t have a chance against our home brew, incestuous, brain dead, raffle winners and the corrupt cunts destructively flitting about in their offices.

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