Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Did I hear right?

According to our propaganda service the boganvillia police farce have actually charged a bloke for refusing to take off his ‘Harley Davidson™ leather jacket.

In other words, according to these fuckwits, he’s a criminal for wearing protective clothing provided by a reputable motorcycle manufacturer.

This is utter bullshit.



Mea culpa –
Although I’m reasonably sure I heard a news report giving an account of the above – the only information I’m able to ‘google’ since then - is about some ‘outlaw bikies’ beating up on some bloke wearing a harley jacket.

Which proves what?
• Obviously that its risky wearing Harley Davidson™ jackets in boganvillia -
• that these ‘bikies’ evidently saw this wannabe in the harley jacket before the cops noticed him –
• and that, between one lot of ratbags and another, the whole world has gone to shit.

Whatever the situation – as my Grandma used to say – two ‘wrongs’ don’t make for a ‘right’.

Speaking of Grandmother – her husband, my Grandfather was a member of a secret society back when boganvillia was queensland.
Not only was he a member of a secret society but of an unlawful society.

Which is why he quit that society when he worked out what the arseholes, on a regular basis, were up to.

He gave ‘em the bum’s rush, did old WT.

But what society?

Stap me; those perfidious play templars, of course.
The bloody freemasons.
Thankfully, no amount of retroactive legislation can bother Pop much – since he’s been dead for more than half a century.

But nothing would surprise me lately.

It could well be that the three arseholes of the apocalypse (newman, Dempsey and that jarrod thing) might get dressed up in their bedsheets, dig the poor old bugger up and burn his bones.

Wouldn’t surprise me at all!

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