Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Two articles ago, in these pages, a bloke who died over fifty years ago was mentioned.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

As best as we can tell what was once Eddie Walsh’s home was busted by our bold gendarmerie as a meth lab. (Mind you - it does have me completely buggered why Eddie came to mind – why I was writing about him when his cottage was being raided.)

Of course Eddie wouldn’t give a continental about that since he’s been dead for over fifty years.

Nonetheless, at least some of the stench poisoning us in cycles in this neighbourhood has been coming from what was once his humble home.

His once humble home IS INDEED a bit upwind from us.

But so are other, more convenient locations – so to continue -

Trouble is that his little cottage is not big enough to contain enough equipment to cause the industrial scale pollution that we’ve been subject to the last few years.

Nope. That nausea has been coming from the compound a little closer to us.

Know what I mean – closer, bigger, involving more people – nastier people – people who seem to be able to call on the local cops whenever someone complains.

Funny that.
My lady Wife had this tiny health problem – like down to 20% renal function.
The Ha Ha ‘health system’ couldn’t provide an explanation.

I could.
Systematic poisoning from airborne meth lab effluent – not from old Eddie’s cottage – but from the surviving, unbusted, police protected and condoned, industrial scale, meth factory just over the road.

To put all that into plain language –
The police are all corrupt beyond any recall.
Their political masters intend to sack any remaining cops who display any sign of honesty.

The political masters of this regime are in no way different from the last mob of meretricious laborites – except for the fact that the laborites are gone and the lnp filth now hold the chequebooks.

Both of these tontines mutually agreed to sell off what little is left of queensland years ago.

Meanwhile, the rest of these goddamned ‘new party’ maggots are trying to capture what might be left at the tail end of the action.

A useless, dysfunctional, non-functional, unicameral, pretence of a parliament is the tool of their collective criminality – and beyond miracles – there is fuck all anything any of us can do about it!

Is that why our new age pigs condone industrial scale meth labs?

After all – who gives a fuck about the serfs in this dump?

Hey – we’ll all soon be under new management anyway.

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