Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Why bother voting any more?

Vote for the present reich in queensland/newmania/boganvillia and you might find that the chairman, secretary and treasurer of your netball team or bridge club will be next to be locked up without bail, in solitary confinement.

Just like those ‘bikies’.

Then when they pull YOU up for, say, a ‘random breath test’ – then YOU might be joining them.

Yet, unless the propaganda bureau is lying – the laborites agreed with noddy newman’s crapola.

Bullshit they agreed.

It was those previous laborite arses with ears that handed him their draft legislation when he slimed into ‘power’.

One parcel of these manipulative psychopaths is as bad as the other.

So why not vote for Mr Palmer and his five daughters?

Go on; take a guess.
Try contacting his ‘party machine’.
Waste your own money trying to contact any of his ‘team’.

Discover for yourself that ‘he and his team’ are somewhat like the other parties and our so called ‘representatives’.

Like ‘Major Major’ in “Catch 22” they are ‘out when they are in’ and ‘in when they are out’.

• “Major Major is a commander who doesn't command. He hates dealing with people, and is somewhat frightened of them. He therefore instructs his receptionist/orderly that, whenever he is in his office, any visitors should be told he is out. When he leaves his office (sneaking out the back window), the receptionist can send visitors in to see him. In short, the only time you can see Major Major in his office is when he's out. If he's in, you can't see him. It's an example of Catch-22, although the catch is not explicitly mentioned in this connection.”]

So, what exactly is the point of voting for ANY of these prize arseholes?

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