Tuesday, January 14, 2014


One day you bludgers – you SHEEPLE – might wake up.
This time last year a fair deal of this little town was flooded.
That’s when the corrupt bastards made their move.

So much went underwater for so long that too many moved on.

When they did move on – what one week was a poor man’s lifelong bad bargain (sold to some poor, ignorant blow-in peasant in the first place) became a total loss expediting his moving on elsewhere.

Whereupon the parasites annexed what he believed was his - at basement prices.

All of which was just too bloody bad – but what can you do in these extreme circumstances?

After all those dirt poor southern immigrants from rural Victoria and nsw aren’t exactly solid citizens, are they?

And we need to do something about the drug problem they’ve brought up here with them.


So suck ‘em in, set ‘em up and rip ‘em off – then send them on their sorry way – somewhere else.

Sorry, cunt – didn’t we tell you that you’d bought into flood-prone land?

Too bloody bad for you – but there it is.

Amazingly enough – those same flood prone dwellings have recently been repaired.

Repaired in good time for the next mob of innocent southern punters to move in – just in time for the next fucking flood.

I only bother mentioning this because I was stupid enough to have been born here.
I never had to mention this in the past when this corrupt little burg was being run by those born here.
I didn’t have to mention it in their day because those born here, running the show then, despite being thoroughly corrupt, were not vicious, unscrupulous parasites.

No. Their sort have expired.
They’ve been replaced by a crop of southern blow-ins perfectly prepared to exploit their own.

A wonderful place this queensland/boganvillia has become.

Southern criminals ripping the guts out of southern dunderheads while the few remaining northern gentlemen either put out their hands for a cut of the action or turn their heads away in utter disgust.

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