Sunday, May 22, 2011

“So now they want to confiscate the proceeds of idealism, honesty and decency”

Author – Calligula

As I start this I’m listening to David Hicks on the radio at our famous, influential and acclaimed, Sydney Writer’s Festival.
Any speaker there shall be heard and noticed.
His was well beyond any Andy Warhol tour de force.
His ‘moment’ before a packed house was superbly accomplished and well deserved.
The well deserved salute for his dad damned near brought the roof down.

I’ve already read his book months ago thanks to the local Library.
What an amazingly brave man is Dave Hicks!

But our government (yeck) in their wisdom have decided to determine whether the income from his book should be confiscated as ‘proceeds of crime’.
(Didn’t J.W. Howard, then pm, make a proclamation that Hicks was guilty of NO CRIME. Whatsoever. Twisted bludger would probably put it that way – DR – editor)

They definitely have their finger on the collective pulse – that lot.

Might it be possible to set up a collection of some sort?
Some way of sidestepping these bastards in the same way they keep sidestepping the interests of everyday Australians.
If we set up a formal trust fund in the event of the common-wealth (get that, commonwealth) stealing Dave’s hard earned income, the shiteheels’d probably pass a law next day banning trust funds out of existence.

What ?
Am I serious that our masters would just throw away those cosy, opaque little family arrangements they’ve customarily exploited from time immemorial to launder and disperse their bribes and extra-curricular income?
Do that just to make sure that Dave Hicks is denied a few bucks from his book sales?

So whoever said they were bright.
Why wouldn’t they?
These days they act desperate enough.

Oh for god’s sake – work it out for yourself, but while you’re doing that consider all the other stupid, crossgrained games they’ve been playing lately.

Meanwhile can we set up that pathway of sending Dave gifts.
Every one of us who has read his book could send him a small gift in the mail.
Two South Pacific Pesos or a thousand, a million – depending on what we decide we can afford.

If we did that would our masters ban gift-giving?

Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest – not the way they’ve been acting lately.
So what say you Australians.
Do we set up a gift fund for Dave if the present crop of federales continue with compounding Howard’s and Dubya’s crimes?

Maybe if we put enough into the kitty we could set up a movement and nominate Dave for the first President?

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