Monday, May 23, 2011

“The Ban The Party, Party” - or - “Ho-hum, yet another party”

Author – Inge Lady Friday

The announcement was made today about something we are going to get whether we want it or not.
What; a new public holiday in the latter part of the year?

No; just another political party.

They haven’t decided what to call it yet but apparently they do already have an office at Noia’s wholesale guns in Brizvegas.
If these preliminary reports are correct there ain’t no way that Mr Bob Katter’s new party headquarters will suffer any of those annoying pre-election break-ins; not with the amount of security around that piece of real estate.

Regarding Nioas -
I’m not criticizing guns at all. Nor Nioas.
If anyone thinks I’m going to provide an anti-gun tirade they can quit reading now and find a tatting web-page.

I’m very fond of my Steyr M95 in 8x56R, (Boy, you should see what it does to clangers) but that Nioa mob can’t supply me the right ammo for it, let alone brass or pills. (Anyone else out there own Steyr M95s ? We could set up an owners club. DR - Editor)
The point I do make about Nioa’s is that the facility is built like Fort Knox

On the face of it Anna should be annoyed.
She might have to introduce overnight legislation that political parties have to operate from vulnerable premises.
But hang on, that wouldn’t work; not unless the laborites had an exemption.
Ooohhhh what the hell – he’ll screw up the conservatives the same way that Hanson woman did a few years ago.
‘Brilliant’, she thinks as she nips into little Andy’s office to talk the treasurer into cutting a cheque and sending Bob a handsome start-up donation.

Oh yes, I wouldn’t mind betting she’d do something like that because the last thing the conservatives and that eighty percent of the Queensland population want right now is a divided anti-laborite vote.

Most Queenslanders don’t particularly want a conservative government.
What they want is an end to the laborites so decisively achieved that the present mob will be either still in prison, ‘in-care’, or deceased before labor ever looks like another chance.
And the only way they’ll get that is by not voting labor.

It isn’t the ‘take it or leave it’ Hobson’s choice found in certain countries – but is the nearest damned thing.
Bob Katter has been around long enough to know all about that so what the hell is he up to?

Curbing ‘Can-Do Newman might be a good bet.
Returning ‘empowerment’ to the regions might sound plausible but he’d still have to form a coalition with that entrenched sub-set we now call the opposition who, apparently, are as compromised as the present laborite regime.
It is all too baffling, nevertheless we have a fair idea where it will lead.

In consequence we’ve decided to establish the “Ban The Party Party”™.
The concept is simple.
Firstly, we announce the start-up here by calling for all interested people to send us messages of support and any emoluments you may wish to offer.
Once we have the ball rolling we’ll call for membership and register the party.
All that usual sort of thing.

Our first ballot should be a winner and with a parliamentary majority we shall call parliament together on the first day’s business and vote to BAN all political parties for all time in the state of Queensland. ( Hey, if they could do that to the Legislative Council back in 1922 we can do it to these rotten parties in 2012.)

The “Ban the Parties Act, Qld – 2012” shall contain subsidiary legislation requiring parliamentarians to abide by statutory standards of conduct, ethics, accountability and decency – primarily they shall be required to serve their electorate and the people of Queensland – and at their peril should they fail so to do. (Breach 5.000,000 penalty points)

As soon as possible after that time all monies not already spent that were donated to the now deceased political parties shall be returned to the respective donors.

It might take a bit of tweaking, but by golly – wouldn’t that set the cat amongst the pigeons.

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