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“PIGS GO NATIONAL” – or – Courts of intentional cross-jurisdiction need answer neither to man nor god – part 2

Well, hello, I’ve been dragooned, press ganged. When that Inge gets back from her junket in Melbourne she’d gonna cop curry – or my name isn’t Arthur.
Hey, how’s that for freedom of the press – you don’t get to say things like that writing for that provincial rag, the ‘Courier Mail’ or any of that other failing ‘mainstream media’.

Looks like I’ve been left in the ditch babysitting another of Inge’s pet projects.
‘Won’t take up much of your time’, she said.
Then she buttered me up. Said she’d bring back an S&S fuel injection kit for the Hardley.

So, who can argue with that and here I am running the show.

Now what was all that crap about winding up their rubber bands past snapping point?
Bugger that. Let’s get serious, flip the cap backwards, look down the periscope and lay those torpedoes right into the engine room of that rustbucket they call the ‘ship of state’.

Now where is he. Late as usual. Probably expects me to make him coffee.
Ah. Here he is.

Author – Arthur
Continuing the series of interviews with the proprietor of PRS Defence.

Arthur – Best I can fathom you’ve spent a fair amount of time with Inge establishing a groundplane – painting a picture of what a crummy, perverted, compromised dump Queensland really is.
Not only that but you both nailed it down with documents.
I’m going to stick my oar in here and let you know that all that has to stop.
No. Don’t get your knickers in a knot – let me finish.
It has to stop ‘cos all you are doing is repeating what everyone either knows or has to put up with.
For example – you gave up on that last article – Inge sent it off and a few  minutes later on the radio news they were screaming.
Screaming that numerous thousands of tax returns were sent out without TAX RETURN CHEQUES ATTACHED.
What a bloody scoop.
But do you reckon the toolheads will credit us with it?
No bloody way –
P – “Arthur.”

Arthur – Yerss?
P – “Arthur. I’m supposed to be doing the talking. Okay. You’re supposed to be asking the questions?”

Arthur – Alright. Reading between the lines – every decent politician or honest public servant in Queensland has either been dismissed out of hand, set-up for a fall somehow, locked up, or turned. Is that what you are saying?
P – “ I’m saying the overwhelming record demonstrates that beyond any reasonable, or even the slightest doubt. It has gone past belief. Fewer than twenty laborite lizards run Queensland like a mob of robber barons.
Our greatest legal minds have put their signatures on documents shouting that to the heavens with no result. Our most senior judges have signed off petitions demanding change.
If Inge hasn’t already included it as a grab in the previous articles it is all out there on the net – that is, someone has been pretty busy trying to make stuff disappear lately but they haven’t deleted everything yet.
Anyway, I’m saying that none of us have the space or the time to keep repeating what is as bloody obvious as that whopping great zit on the end of your nose.
Happy with that?”

Arthur – Sounds good to me but I don’t know about those dunderheads out there.
The pustule would have to be as big and as threatening as Vesuvius before those dills’d notice
This blackrobe halfwit though -  who, through the courts, actually sent a bill to a lady victim of crime. He actually ordered her to recompense the creep who stole her water tank?
You’ve got to be kidding. That has to be absolutely the most all-time, all-out crap?
Let’s quickly run through the implications of all this and then get moving.
It seems to me that pivotal to much of this is what I’d call ‘the divine right of black crows’ in good ol’Q.
This Di Fingleton, defrocked chief magistrate, was locked up (sounds familiar) consequently ‘traumatised’, bailed out by her blackrobe mates, then let go back to work as a beak.
P – “Meanwhile and rather more importantly to ‘me and mine’ that person you referred to as a blackrobe halfwit is proving his worth  by stuffing royally with our lives too.”

Arthur – This is about all those ‘in confidence’ documents you have shown us?
For reasons that will become obvious you are reluctant to have those documents copied to these articles since they contain reasonably sensitive confidential and ‘commercial in confidence’ information and names and addresses of innocent third parties?
We (the parties involved) have mutually determined that certain information contained within these documents needs be placed in the public domain in the public interest while maintaining the confidentiality of the aforementioned ‘innocent third parties’.
In short, you have shown us those documents in good faith and in the public interest and we shall vouch for the correctness of your published statements with relation to those documents.
P – “Accepted and Correct on all counts.”

Arthur – Where to start? Okay, the blackrobe. The public record demonstrates that this is the same one who sent the owner (the victim of crime) a bill for compensation payable to the thief.
You have shown us the internet record of that matter both Australian and international.
Those items (some number of which strangely appear to have disappeared lately) also refer to the irregular precedent of the local inspector of police having to cut the chain of command and demand another magistrate to take over that case.
On another occasion a minor was being ‘convicted’ for taking home an inert, expended piece of secondary ordnance he happened to find at a rubbish tip.
In short he wanted ASIO called in and the lad apparently treated as a terrorist for doing no more than finding a rusty (but maybe interesting looking) piece of pipe in a public place.
We won’t mention what else you found back then. His ears should be burning enough already.
Would you like to let the reader know why you were asked to ‘do a net search about this character’ (just in your own words while I check it off the original documents).
P – “Everyone must have a clue by now how our governments work. Interstate squabbles, bitching and zero cooperation between state and federal agencies and stuff-you-Jack for us peasants.
Some months into what was supposed to be a judicial review of ultra-vires administrative decision we ran into Judge Dredd, alias Sarra.
A person by the name of Captain Chris Frost, RAN who was working in the office of the IGADF - – suggested I “look into the background of those characters” meaning, in this case, Sarra and a certain ‘barrister’ who’d recently stolen our defence projects.
Okay Arthur, the reader won’t have a clue what I’m talking about so please confirm you have Sarra’s supposed ‘interim court order’ and the communications to Capt. Frost.”

Arthur - Okay – 8 point madness running the Eighth Fleet through your family business is dated both the 9th AND 10th of March, 2006, is signed ONLY by what appears to be the clerk of court and ONLY on the second page.( don’t those bloody things have to be sealed, signed and dated on every single page?)
It is exactly word-for-word with that manuscript cooked up by your alleged pro-bono legal friend and the respondent (and the bloody respondent, for real – this IS Q-justice at work here – the bloke’s sacked, ex-legal adviser consorting with the friggin’ enemy while his client is out of the room).
I point out to the reader that these documents somehow hand over this bloke’s business inventory and all his business’s designs and projects to none other than his supposed bloody legal friend.
On top of the fact that this turkey knows bloody well that it (the document he drafted) repeatedly contravenes (breaks law) specific clauses of the relevant legislation the greedy corrupt bastard is stealing my interviewee’s assets and livelihood IN WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE A COURT OF LAW!
How crooked is that?
P – “Pleased someone has finally noticed, Arthur.
Y’know, the only reason I have that prick’s manuscript original is that the Dear Lady court reporter walked up behind me, grabbed my hand, and slipped those two tightly folded pages carefully into my hip pocket. She quite literally said “Pssst. Keep this hidden. You’ll need it one day”.
That was definitely one government employee who risked her career to do us the only favour we saw that day.
She would have been out on her ear if she’d been sprung slipping me those papers.”

Arthur – Incredible!
25/6/2007 – e-mail with several attachments – you to Frost Chris, Capt. RAN.
He’s the then Director, Inquiries, Inspector General, ADF. Correct?
P – “Yep. The same people whitewashing what’s been happening at Duntroon and so on all these years.”

Arthur – Them and others, eh?
I can see here you’ve taken some time to get around to contacting the federal jurisdiction.
Would it be unfair of me to point out to the reader that these shiteheels began attacking you immediately after your son Matthew passed away? Defence Reserve, 12 plus years service, became ill on exercise at Shoalwater Bay, was a victim of  a certain Queensland hospital proven to be FUBAR – wasn’t he?
No connection between what happened to him and the way the rest if his family has been treated since. Eh?
No one gave a stuff that you and your Lady Wife might have been in MOURNING, eh?
Good bloke this Cap’n Frost?
Just look into the background of these characters shagging you and your family crosseyed – just package it up, what you find, and send it all along to me – he purred into the ‘phone; right?
And then those hits you found on the net (especially the funny stuff) started melting away?
I reckon I can save us some time here.
When dear old ‘Jack Frost’ (that WAS his nickname, I guessed right?) let you know his agency was unfortunately not one ‘of appropriate jurisdiction’ you tried contacting other agencies, federal police, senators, you name it – right?
P – “Right on the money, Arthur.”

Arthur – And ever since these pricks have had you on the back-foot.
Whenever you try to do anything about recapturing your life they make you feel that you have to ‘apply’ for special treatment – that in other words you are a vexatious bastard with no rights at all. Right?
P – “ Yes.”

Arthur – Well, stuff ‘em. Let’s go have a beer soon as I upload this. Tomorrow is another day.

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