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“PIGS GO NATIONAL” – or – Courts of intentional cross-jurisdiction need answer neither to man nor god – part 1

Author – Inge, Lady Friday

The phone rang yesterday evening and before I could utter a word, he said “This really has to stop”.
My beau was standing close to the phone and by his raised eyebrow I could tell that he’d overheard.
We’d been having a tiff over whether to eat out, what with the limited options in this crummy dump, or stay home for ‘Hash Tea’* and a telemovie. (*No, not that – it means a meal made up from whatever is available off the shelf)
So, just to give my sweetheart a well deserved fit of jealousy I said – “What, us meeting like this?”

“No, No, No”, he said, “I mean that I’ve been reading what’s already been published and it isn’t really going anywhere. You said it yourself with that reference to ‘Groundhog Day’ in part three. Then today’s ‘Spectator Society’.
Haven’t you noticed that the blonks around here are so assertively standoffishly defensive that they literally wrap their arms three times around their chests when they’re waiting, heads bowed, for their fish and chips.
Negative body language – stuff me; it’s a wonder they don’t bloody-well BOW to the barmaid when she hands ‘em their beer!
Spectator society ain’t in it. These toolheads are congenitally deaf, dumb and blind from lurking in their CAVES for too many generations.”

I couldn’t disagree with that. I’d had the same gut feeling writing up the last article.
“So what would you like to do,” I asked him, “call a sixpence a Zac? And say to him outright, ‘Sarra, you are a scoundrel’.”

The line was silent for quite a while, as he was chewing this over, so I googled - "zac Sarra" rainwater tank – during the pause -
- and there it was. Only two hits, though, on Google Australia and only one worthwhile and on topic at Google International -
With the line still quiet I told him the results and asked him, “Didn’t you say the internet was full of that stuff back in 2007?” (I didn’t mention finding ‘Zac Sarra, magistrate, Brisbane’ listed on those other sites interspersed between really choice offerings that can’t even be mentioned in family pages like these.)

“There was,” he replied, “worldwide disbelief and ridicule as to his magisterial capacity and the rest of it linking his name directly to smut. As far as wrong thinkers go that jerk made the hit parade.”
“Well, I’m sure you will be upset to hear that this one strikes me as much a miscreant as that wacko back in the seventies.” I said. “ Mind you, there’s not much up front left on the net now but the bare bones. But I do have some grabs about Qld unlawfully destroying the record and some really damning stuff from the Sam Griffith Society. Want to run with that?”

Inge, Lady Friday continues with the series of interviews with the proprietor of PRS Defence.

The preamble -
PRS Defence are a Queensland family firm who, amongst a bunch of other amazing projects, designed and developed a piece of equipment that stopped Qld cops from shooting themselves and their colleagues while they are playing in station with those Glock, plastic fantastic pistols they like pointing at honest citizens.
Obviously, I can’t speak for the dude but if I was wearing his shoes I’d be wishing I’d never designed the thing – that if the thing had never been designed – then those cops playing with their Glocks would’ve learnt a bit of humility through suffering a few more, death and maiming, shooting ‘accidents’ among their own.
(By the way, does anyone out there know that the ammo they use is fitted with what they call in the US – ‘Cop-Killing Projectiles? Oh Yes. They expand on impact with soft human tissue and cause catastrophic wound effect -
You never get to hear the AMA complaining about that, do you? Nor do you hear of anyone complaining to the AMA about that - )

There; I’ve gone and said something Queenslanders definitely do not want to hear.
It’s called the truth.

The discourse -
Inge – Okay Mister, start talking. Just remember the golden rule – doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it – ‘cos most everyone will misinterpret it anyway.
P – “Yeah. Good advice.
So you reckon they like to get things wrong intentionally or, failing that, do the three little monkeys thing -  cover their ears and eyes when something disturbs them and say not a word for fear someone notices it was them that spoke?”

Inge – Monkeys maybe. We two monkeys have a choice though. You, Mr. Monkey, get to take your choice of a couple of score thousand words in the English language and put them together in any combination you like. This little Monkey has to transcribe those words and help keep you on track without ‘leading’ you too much astray -
P – “Ah, but you haven’t led me astray. We’ve spent several hours running through some history of this lovely little town. As we’ve progressed with that task an amount of corroborative material has come to the surface. There’s enough there to satisfy anyone that a dig in the National Library would produce the full picture.
Now that we are into the 21st century quite a few eminent people have been bellowing long and strong about perverted justice, chronic cover-up and erosion of ethical governance.
So, if the reader would take the time to carefully peruse –
- they might be able to tell me whether or not these authors are speaking the truth.”

Inge – Chapter one is Kevin Lindeberg’s paper and chapter three, Bruce Grundy.
Lindeberg has been campaigning for years about ‘shreddergate’ and Grundy supports a senate in Queensland. Why are they important?
P – “Are you joking? Was it Jefferson who said that some things are self-evident – that we ‘hold these truths’ to be so?
Okay, how can I put it so that even a bloody minded, thick skulled Queenslander might understand  self-evident – oh right.
Hey Queenslanders – why do you use the toilet, a water closet, the Khazi?
Because after potty training you worked out that it is convenient, saves smells and mess everywhere.
Of course, there are other benefits that are maybe not self-evident. Avoidance of disease comes to mind.
With experience and knowledge comes reasonableness, although self-interest need not be subsumed to altruism and regard for public health.”

Inge – What?
P – “So you were born a Queenslander, Inge?
There are some things that make for civilization. Flushing toilets and running water are high on my list.
Would anyone disagree?
Don’t people go munya if their water or power go off line?
Don’t they spit the dummy if their tax return doesn’t arrive?
So I ask what the hell is wrong with those gutless morons that they act like the three monkeys when it has anything to do with their ‘self evident’ democratic rights?”

Inge – Perhaps people are more familiar dealing with local government, the tax office  and --- Uh, hang on. Are you going to say that they are too scared to –
P – “Some may be scared, rather intimidated when dealing with bureaucracy.
Some young lady from Andrew Bartlett’s senatorial office said it to me years ago – ‘Well, what can we expect from the ‘punitive administrations’ rigorously maintained by self-interested bureaucrats and self-seeking politicians. They’re designed to frighten and confuse ordinary people.’
But that is only part of the Queensland problem. Of course we have an absolutely hopeless, corrupted and compromised public service and judiciary but nobody ever asks how and why it happened.
Apparently no-one has ever asked Bruce Grundy – or read his chapter three –

Inge – The unelected Queensland Legislative Council was abolished in 1922 -  - and going by this document the laborites don’t want an upper house reestablished.
Why not?
P – “Mainly it’s to do with the sort of people they are in Queensland politics. Words like - assertive, aggressive, brutish, clannish, distrustful, egotistical, exclusive, exploitative, false, foolish, grim, humourless, incompetent, indecent, jealous, kleptomaniacal, lackadaisical, manipulative, mistrusting, naïve, narcissistic, opportunistic, paranoid, prideful, pompous, querulous, remorseless, snide, traitorous, uncooperative, unethical, unforgiving, unjust, unrepentant, vindictive, worrisome and zealous – come to mind when thinking about the inmates of our unicameral parliament, but –“

Inge – But you’ve forgotten X and Y.
P – “No I hadn’t Missy.
But that leaves only X and Y to symbolise the axes of their imagination; flat, two dimensional, and so very limited.
Proof – What IS Queensland’s present credit rating in the midst of this unprecedented mining boom?
Just ask Aidan McLindon, MLA (Hansard, 11 June, 2010 p. 2238) – “there is no question that the unicameral system we find ourselves in is one of the most fundamental reasons we are the only state in Australia with a AA credit rating (was once AAA).. This financial ineptitude is not good enough and needs to be rectified to prevent our credit rating from slipping down a further notch.”
Now, that was a good bit of research. Leaves the definite impression all they care about, even the loose cannons, is their hip pockets.”

Inge – And the upper house?
P – “The non existent upper house?  Irrelevant, utterly irrelevant with knobs on.
Study the history of the ‘appointed’ Legislative Council, pre 1922, and you’ll see the ‘perceived need’ of the legislators of the day to remove, not a house of Lords who might have some respect and allegiance to the land, but a house of appointed ‘toffs’; time-serving, toffee nosed, greedy, obstructive bastards – or so they were painted by the laborites.
And so they tried every dirty trick in the book to neuter that council of appointees and then to remove it.
Legislation was vetoed, referendum didn’t work, but then finally a whiteant, a bloody turncoat within the council itself, appointed new pro-laborite members; enough new members for the council to vote itself out of existence.

Inge – So Queensland hasn’t looked back since?
P – “Isn’t that what they say? ‘Don’t look back, that’s old history, keep moving forward’ – bla, bla, blaah. Wouldn’t want any of the punters to realise their next traffic fine is being paid to a technically unlawful, fraudulent regime, would they?
Instead of going down that pathway why not analyse the present QGov instead.
Who actually runs the place?
shows a population of just over 4.5 million people.
Their destiny is controlled by – - essentially eighteen people and their Praetorian Guard (If you doubt the palace guard just go to one of those roving cabinet junkets. If you don’t have your very own goon with a Glock scowling at you  before you get in the door then following you around for the rest of the meeting, then, buddy, you’re not even in the race of gaining attention.)
Anyway, figure those odds – that’s one despotic decision maker for every quarter million Queenslanders.
Now, many Queenslanders may not have noticed that old English Common Law has been thrown out and replaced by Civil Code Statute Law – but in fact for most applications it indeed has.
Even this mightn’t matter much except for the fact that what remains of the public service has been compartmentalised, dispersed, micro-managed and completely politicized.
Even this wouldn’t completely expunge your rights except for the fact that Queenslanders are no longer ‘citizen subjects’ of a state of the Commonwealth of Australia but rather (or so Madame Bligh and her gang of seventeen reckon) ‘human resource units’ of the State of Qld. Corporation.
So if any Queenslander wants some advice or service from any of these clowns the first question asked of them is “how much money you want to spend”. If they don’t the right amount of money, about the most polite response they’ll get it to be told to “fuck off, or I’ll call the police”.
Then there is the alleged judiciary. A reasonable person would expect even a rotten magistrate to know sufficient law to look up precedent, legislation, statutes, whatever before any proceeding.
The great indictment of Queensland is that our politically appointed magistrates and judges and their mates on the legal plutocratic oligarchy are too bloody ignorant to do that even to save their own corrupt hides –
Has me absolutely stuffed how four and a half million people – how so many, to paraphrase Churchill, can be rogered cross-eyed so often. by so few.
Fair dinkum, it has me stumped.

Inge – Do you think they’ll notice if we quit here and get to the cross-jurisdictional stuff and that other idiot, wassisname, the thief rewarding magistrate next article?
P – “No mate. No bastard’ll want to read it anyway.
But aren’t you heading off to that conference in Melbourne tomorrow?
Maybe Arthur would like to sit in for you”
Let’s see tomorrow. I might grab him before he heads off on that Hardley Driveable.
C’mon, let’s knock off and grab a beer.”

Handy search terms - queensland magistrates "immune from prosecution"

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