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Part 4 - “PIGS GO NATIONAL” – or – Courts of intentional cross-jurisdiction need answer neither to man nor god.

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Arthur here again.

Well, that last one didn’t get very far.

Maybe that is because we have decided to withhold, for a while, the classy images with the autre’ captions; all that bling and pizzaz until some of you, out there, start writing in some righteous, outrageous comments.
(No dear readers. Please don’t get your knickers in a knot. We don’t want your ‘twee’ comments anyway. It’d only mean more work for us.  D.R. - Editor)

But maybe this one should be titled ‘Pig Goes International’ – or – extradition refuge.

A mirror to the interview further below.

While we were shooting the breeze about endemic corruption on the local scale in the last article that poor silly, ex-politician, wozzizname, went before his equally corrupt ex-mates in queensland parliament.
His hoping against hope that they wouldn’t destroy his family the way they, so effectively, have destroyed him.

He probably hoped that someone might slip up or have a fit of conscience and let him name some names; point the finger in a few directions right there in parliament.

But, ah, no no, the stolid burghers weren’t going to let him do that, no way.

It wasn’t that goon from Vukovar (so recently found out) – - standing directly behind our defrocked cabinet minister, but undoubtedly was someone assessed as equally suitable to be taken into employment under the same selection criteria as customarily employed by our select elect.

Was that bulge in his pocket  merely a result of his pleasure at seeing an ex-minister speaking before parliament again, or was it an industrial strength taser set to ‘trench broom mode’, ready set to zap this despicable, dis-honourable, ex-minister if he uttered a single, confronting word?

That’s right. Gordon Nuttall was his name.

Now that they’ve ‘fined’ him his last dollars and have him stashed away safely back in prison they’ll probably be back to calling him ‘you bastard’, bash him about a bit, and keep him locked away until, hopefully, he’s a gibbering idiot.

By the time his family has given up on him and he’s so broke that his only choice will be to live under a bridge – at that time they’ll finally let him out of slam.
What a mob of complete – uck. Words fail completely.

I don’t know what they used to call Merri Rose, Bill D’arcy and Keith Wright, his once honourable colleagues and predecessors in slam.

Maybe the ex-chief magistrate Di Fingleton could tell us?
 but no one seems to care much about her either.
Oh yes. They pulled the same stunt on her.

Queenslanders aren’t inclined to dwell much on the past and care less about those they perceive as condemned by their ‘masters’ as ‘losers’.

But Mr. Beattie (didn’t I hear that he’d ‘retired’? – D.R., Editor) keeps holding the show.

For some reason he keeps sticking his oar into proceedings. (Does, doesn’t he. I wonder why? – D.R., Editor)
In this case he had to use a bloody long oar; one long enough to reach all the way from Peru.
Why Peru ?
I suppose you’d have to ask Pete.

Apparently one of the good things about Peru is its governance, which in many respects is a bit like queensland. It also has a handy ‘executive’ which, strangely enough, has power of veto over a few unimportant details like extradition.

Now, don’t take that the wrong way. We know that they don’t want all those right bastards from South America over here.
No way. Our criminal class, politicians, professionals, etc., couldn’t possibly compete with that lot; not in the cosy little environment they’ve set up for themselves here.
No. We couldn’t have that here. We like OUR crims running the show in God’s own country.

But there IS the tiniest chance that things could go embarrassingly pear-shaped here, say, when someone ‘important’ from here just happened to be overseas.
It WOULD save the taxpayer heaps of dough if by some trivial technicality they wouldn’t necessarily be dragged back before those oh so amazingly, prohibitively, expensive queensland courts.

Scurrilous accusations?
Heaven forbid. Of course we’re not making accusations; just putting some small parts of the big picture together so they interconnect.
That’s something the press never seem to get around to do.

Sometimes queensland politics gets laughingly inventive.
Except that maybe the show is arranged, far too often, so that the captive audience can’t quite grasp the jokes.
When the joke is always being played on the audience – then that must be to the advantage of those playing the joke.

If anyone has ever bothered to attend ‘parliament’ or any of their regional cabinet showboats – if anyone has been cracked-in-the-head enough to go along to one of those junkets and has ever felt intimidated – then it might be for good reason that they felt that way.

Indeed, it could be the sort of people queensland cabinet likes employing.

They want like minded people to be their ‘minders’ – you know, ‘experienced professionals’, world wise people like themselves, someone they can ‘relate to’.
Someone who has ‘their interests at heart’.
You know the sort I mean – those who wear ‘bum bags’ with loaded auto pistols inside.

Ever been in meeting with glib, intractable middle management types?
Ever had that sort give you an unbelievable line of bluster and bullshit completely at odds with the facts on the table?
Ever had some creep have THEIR hired goon stand over you and avail you of that frisson of their threatening presence?
Ever been intimidated enough that you came to accept that if you actually DISAGREED with the confident, lying ‘politician’ on the other side of the table and made your case forthrightly that her/his hired goon would drag you out the back and kick your head in?

Been there, seen that.
It wasn’t a people’s space where those ‘elected’ were reporting their performance back to the populace. This was a place where people were being herded and being told what to believe, what to do and when to submit – or else.

Completely insane isn’t it?
Less than two dozen people (people?) and a few dozen of their trained goons control the lives of over four million Queenslanders.

Interview time –

Arthur – Been to one of those ‘regional cabinet’ shindigs?
P – “A few. The first was under different management and instead of ‘all that many ‘goons’, as such, there was a local cop who, in an earlier life, did his engineering traineeship with the same firm I joined.
Of course, he spotted me first walking through the door, so couldn’t resist sneaking up behind to pull the, “Ullo, ullo, wot have we here”, stunt but made up for that later by introducing me to his boss.
We’re not mentioning names here but I’ll call him EB.
Inspector EB was a gentleman. A truly courtly person in the old fashioned sense of the word.”

Arthur – I’m assuming you mean the last national party government. A different age and less need for security, maybe?
P – “Yes it was a nationals cabinet but meeting in a laborite electorate. The goons were there with their bumbags and pistols watching over their charges but kept their distance and as far as I saw acted with courtesy.
Of course I wasn’t there to check out the cabinet security detail but rather to do business with a couple of those of Qld cabinet.”

Arthur – Well how did that go?
P – “ Like clockwork. No fuss or bother, no false speeches. A few tables here and there populated with the ‘suits’.
A few minutes chatting with those aforementioned at the door – then I’m invited to attend my table and put my case to the ministerial team.
About half an hour later I was on my way home and within a week or so my request had been met with a positive response.
Putting it simply half an hour’s meeting had brought an end to about six years of bluster and obfuscation from bureaucrats of nil jurisdiction who had decided that they had a right to stop us establishing our defence business.
Oh, don’t worry. One of those bureaucrats had invited himself along to my meeting. At one stage one of the ministerial team was pointing the relevant legislation out to this person word by word – essentially demanding of him which part he couldn’t understand.
Yhat was about the only time in my sorry life when I’ve seen a petty, vindictive bureaucrat properly put in his place.
By the way. Please accept what I’ve said above is no testimonial for the national party or whatever the present mob call ‘emselves.”

Arthur – What happened then?
P – “Then Queensland had a change of government, people, us included, began to be treated like peons and it has all become outstandingly worse.
You’d think that laborites would support industry and everyday people, wouldn’t you?”

Arthur – There’s more to it than that. This is pretty much pre-internet/email days.
I’ve seen the record, some of it hand-written - addressing archaic, reactionary legislation compiled in an almost pre-industrial age – leastways law compiled by people more familiar with the farm than with anything like modern industry.
You had been stuffed about by experts for years.
An agency called D-BIRD was set up in town supposedly assisting industry and regional development. You were head to head with a certain other firm to be their first customer. That other firm has received grant money and all sorts of breaks from day one.
That turkey at that cabinet meeting doing his damnedest to obstruct lawful process with your representation was the bloody manager of that outfit at the time.
Okay, fair enough that he was told to sit down and shut up on that occasion but he was the one there, following orders from Brisbane, making sure your business gained zero assistance from that office thereafter.
Here. Explain this. How can a firm be considered good ‘corporate citizens’ when they’re provided all sorts of ‘breaks’ from government including almost half a million from DOTARS – then, according to this ‘Jabirucrash’ webpage they get to cover up their mistakes.
How bloody crook is that?
Who the hell are these people?
Aren’t DOTARS Federal Transport including Aircraft SAFETY f’r chrissakes?? What’s the connection and who the hell are making these decisions in this part of the world?
P – “Well there you go again. Cause and effect, eh?
Are there some people in this queensland society who are above the law?
Looks like it on the face of the record when you go digging; doesn’t it?
But don’t just pick on Jabiru – that’d be stupid.
I’m absolutely sure that if we keep digging we’ll find more ‘inconsistencies’ on queensland governance.
You could say it has had to be that way, in their opinion, because those who consider themselves the ‘masters’, ‘have never known another sun’.
What do I mean?
Firstly, their sort reckon the sun shines out of their arse.
Second, they never have pulled their heads out of their fundaments anyway – certainly not to see past their own self-contained little world and the shit they always dump on the rest of the population in their greedy little scrabble to stay on top of the dungheap.”

Arthur - The bit I hate is how they climb over the bones of dead people. Hometown hero, famous aviator, bla, blah – but their toy, plastic airplane shows no class at all. No reduction gear to the prop and high wings make me puke anyway. At least Wiley Post had a radial up front.
Pretend high tech pedestrians just piss me off.
P – “Agreed. But what can you expect.
Look at it this way. Consider it as a ‘queensland problem’. You and I see it as a mob of privileged, ultra conservative, useless buggers opportunistically squeezing the guts out of whatever funding comes their way.
If you look at what Bert Rutan has been doing lately - -
They should piss off and slash their wrists.

Let’s leave it at that until tomorrow.

Further reading - Queensland scores six – three laborites and three conservatives. Not bad going.
Oh, except they forgot Bill D’arcy, Woodridge - Someone must have wanted that safe electorate ‘real bad’. 

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