Thursday, April 24, 2014


Well, it happened again last evening.
About five of ‘em lurking in the dark, sitting in the gutter over the road. Acting like prize fuckwits.
On our side of the road directly in front of our house lurked some sort of ute/pick/up. Another part of their sicko ensemble.

So, how did this come to my notice?
It seems I broke some new queensland (sorry, newmania/boganvillia) law by merely looking out my verandah window.
Imagine that. Hoping for a breath of fresh air – instead gagging on chemical refuse.

True; I was sincerely hoping the ‘new management’ of the cesspool over the road had locked up shop and shoved off to do whatever they do when they’re not dealing over the road.
But no – my mistake.
I’d forgotten that anzac day makes for a public holiday and a three day weekend.
So when they started acting like the sort they are – began mumbling insults and more – I should have realized that I was being set-up with another complaint by them to their pals in the local gendarmerie.
Which lot (the fuzz) turned up here at about 3.00pm Thursday afternoon, 24th April 2014.

This is a very serious matter.
Forty plus years ago under the bjelke joh regime the filth used to constrain their hate and confine it toward the professional criminals and their own pals.
In fact that was easy since most professional criminals were all too often also their own pals.

Not so these days.
It seems that the pickings are so thin that they want me, my lady wife and our remaining son to be arbitrarily treated in much the same way as the jewish people were in nazi germany.

And therefore this afternoon, just as the kids were leaving the primary school opposite our home – a vehicle drove through our yard and immediately afterward fists began bashing on our doors and windows.

And those arseholes were dressed up in their kinky tactical overalls complete with flak jackets, glock pistols and tazers.

All of which has me wondering why they weren’t over the road attempting to arrest the actual perpetrators of last night’s street theatre.

Perhaps, for all you jaded bastards out there, my constant theme has become somewhat boring –
After all, it is anzac day tomorrow and we three remaining of our once extended family would like to attend that remembrance ceremony devoted to yet another of Winston churchill’s glorious fuck-ups.
After all my wife’s dad was a wounded survivor of the third charge against Beersheba – her grandfather a triple wound survivor of the Somme – a bloke stupid enough to sign up a second time for the New Guinea campaign.
Likewise my own dad and my uncles had their fun in the second innings – dad in the RAAF the uncles in holiday camps like picturesque Tobruk.

Though having volunteered I never directly served.
It was my lot to offer my engineering manufacturing skills to the defence of Australia – only to be told to fuck off repeatedly by the corrupt arseholes looking after the likes of GDs and BritAerospace for the best part of two decades.

And while in the midst of that I was stupid enough to accept a contract from the queensland pigs to provide them with a means of preventing themselves from shooting themselves with their plastic fantastic glock pistols.

And I’m ashamed to say that we did it.

Who did that?
Myself and my dead son.

Just imagine if I’d thought that one through.
There’d be a few less of that slime lurking around here giving us innocents grief and protecting the local mafia.
I’d be able to go to the anzac day ceremonies tomorrow without having to look constantly over my shoulder.

But like our politicians, the rozzers don’t give a fuck (undoubtedly never have) about honest citizens or justice.

Even those who claim ‘honesty in profession’ are there for their ‘career path’.

Sort of like all those serial poo punchers and psychos in the various churches, denominations, NGOs, and all those ‘official service agencies’ dedicated toward ‘assisting’ the disadvantaged, the disabled, and the just plain crook.

If you’d bothered to read this far it may be the case that I’m preaching to those knowledgeable of this outrage – for by God the ‘experts’, the ‘professionals’ don’t want to acknowledge the truth that the ‘banality of evil’ is as evident in our society as in any other.

Except that ours is not a societal mechanism driven from ‘top down’ – but rather an exceedingly dysfunctional miasma amateurishly maladministered by the sorry impulse of greed bubbling up from the depths of stupidity into the realms of utter incompetence.
In short - the once penal colony keeps pretending that it has somehow devolved into a democracy.

And that is precisely why the porkers were unlawfully thrashing about in my back yard this afternoon!

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