Thursday, April 24, 2014


A theoretical scenario – Ha Ha!

In my last I forgot to mention in explicit terms the way utter bastards are fucking with our lives.
I did mention the local mafia staging cheap demonstrations just before the start of long weekends.

So, let’s nail that down for the record.

What the hell are these wankers up to?
What precisely are they up to?

They seem to have the facility to cause what I call ‘street theatre’.

They group together in the mid of night – start causing conniptions – cause people grief – then phone their corrupt pals in the police.

They always do this in the evening before a long weekend – a public holiday event.

Which means that if YOU are the victim of their demonstration – then you are very likely to be arrested.

Why should you be arrested?

Obviously for no reason whatsoever.

Unless you were as stupid as them.

Unless you were stupid enough to go out there into the public domain and give them as much grief as they’ve been causing you.
Unless you were silly enough to believe that justice actually prevailed in boganvillia under the newman regime.

But, of course it doesn’t. now and has not ever since beattie abolished the tiniest semblance of justice all those years ago.

Yep. A free ride for the newman regime – compliments of beattie and bligh.

But of course, none of you silly bastards ever consider that queensland ‘justice’ was ‘enshrined’ by a complete pisstank by the name of Sam Griffith.
Sam Griffith simply plagiarised the Italian penal code way back in the tail end of the nineteenth century.

Don’t get me wrong; Sam stole a few good ideas from the Wogs – but never fuck-all of them seemed to be applied in this arsehole of the universe.

Ah. But I digress again.
I began by mentioning how the filth has enfiladed old queensland society.
How the opportunistic flatheads from the south have invaded our everyday society.
How the muck cruise our precincts acting like pig-dogs and at the opportune moment engage their smart-phones precisely at the moment when straight talking old queenslanders have completely had enough of their overweening bullshit.

Then when that happens they call on their wonky, corrupt pals nepotistically employed by other similar blow-ins in the system of ‘governance’.

So where does that leave us?
A mob of alleged politicians who should never have been selected for the raffle.
Under them, a mob of equally corrupt opportunistic psychos inhabiting middle management.
And under them, an entire population of hateful, overaggressive, jerks cruising our streets in high viz tabards and hard hats pretending that they have the ‘authority’ to push us all around and around.

It has gone too bloody far.
The next sack of shit bellowing bullshit at me with a kiwi or south african accent can just go away and fuck himself.

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