Sunday, April 20, 2014



Thursday – the day before Good Friday – this Easter weekend.
I was shopping with my Lady Wife in the local market.

We were minding our own business when the slut from the meth lab over the road ‘suddenly appeared’ at the end of the shopping aisle.

I say ‘suddenly’ because though we spotted her a few minutes before and desperately hoped she would have had enough sense not to play her same fucking silly games in commercial premises as she does out in the street in front of our home.

Unfortunately, a forlorn hope.

Now, I don’t know how you people deal with pig-ignorance out there in the public domain – but I had a fair idea as to what to expect when I spotted that smelly bitch the first time.

Here I was minding my own bloody business and next thing this slut is shoving her shopping trolley into my crutch from about ten feet away – bellowing “excuse me”.

Normally, I’m reasonably good with this sort of encounter.

I could have said something like – “What’s your problem stinky cunt. Shit your pants again, have you ?”
Or something/anything like that.

This time the nasty little article had me completely flummoxed.

What sort of stupid twat would launch her shopping trolley into a bloke’s crutch out there in full public view unless she wanted some sort of argumentative outcome?

Believe me – It isn’t because I’d been bonking the smelly dag.
Wouldn’t go near that poxed slut with the main pole off a square rigger.

So what exactly is the stupid fat arsed bitch up to?

Well, for one thing she and her pals have started brewing methamphetamines again – over the road - just in time for the easter holiday.

The ignorant slut believes that we will give up and move away.
The cow wants us to ‘take the line of least resistance’.

Her problem is that she’s a complete fuckwit – her alleged husband is a braindead dag – and IF they don’t watch their fucking step they might both just end up in shitter’s ditch.

Too hard a concept?

Then too bloody bad for you!

Post Script -
Yes. I've come back to edit the above a little.
You may note that the language as remains is still somewhat offputting.

Maybe that is because the effluent from a meth lab is remarkably toxic.
Not only does it make a person bloody sick - but it tends to leave you in a really short tempered bad mood.

But that's okay.
These wackos are exempt from the law.
I wonder how much protection money they are paying the 'local member'?

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