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A big airframe can be upgraded with all sorts of equipment.
Better control systems, avionics and weapons.

There are very few aircraft able to approach what the Russian industry has created.

And nothing to match the above.

Without any doubt whatsoever the ‘goat’ needs an excellent jockey – an athlete with comprehensive training and spools of airtime.

But saturate any airspace with sufficient well trained, dedicated, pilots and there is no way they will lose an air-superiority battle to role compromised, overexpensive export editions of American attack aircraft.

This is exactly what that ex-RAAF fellow has been saying for years.
Wossisname – Coon?

Of course it always has been the case that pretty aerobatics never won the bloody dogfight and dogfights never won the airwar over Britain nor over Midway.

No. What won those battles were aircraft that could be kept reliably in the bloody air with enough spare pilots who could keep flying the bastards.

And here is the thing –
This is the magnificent F22 ‘Raptor’ performing like a lame duck in Australia in 2013.

Something of a non-show in comparison to that ‘old technology’ Russkie.

Interesting, isn’t it, how our raffle winners, our alleged ‘masters’ keep doing this sort of thing to us?
They keep expecting us to agree (without question) to those cosy little deals that keep we peasants eternally broke.
Their hip pockets are full of so much ‘black cash’ that they have a hard time making it up the steps of their various ‘houses of parliament’.

Let’s put the case bluntly.
Those shiteheels will finally purchase an ‘air defence capability’ that will have our 21st century ‘bryllcreem boys’ stuck on the deck watching the invader curve our airspace into rolls of steam while they sit on their sorry butts in useless ‘US, export model’ crocks of shit.

But isn’t that what Abbort’s crowd all about?

They’d rather pay a goddamned fortune to the bloody seppos as an excuse to deny senior Australians their right and heritage after a lifetime of hard labour and misery.
They’d rather pay ten times the price for shit, fall out of the sky, aircraft than buy something decent that actually gives our emerging aces something decent – something of a challenge, to kill ‘emselves in.

I’m too bloody old now – but if I was given the chance again I’d choose a Sukhoi or a Mig anytime.

They can shove their Raptors, Craptors or JSFs each and every day of the week.

Bottom line goes this way –
Last time we were involved with a grade A bunfight we were offered a load of ‘inappropriate aircraft’.

Our people had to fly an ad- hoc bunch of crap against the Imperial Japanese forces and our people suffered for it.

The ‘Brewster Buffalo’ was a lovely plane to fly – as was the Curtiss P40.

But they were crap in opposition to the offerings of the enemy.

My old man (his squadron) was expected to combat the Imperial Japanese Navy, their Mitsubishi ‘Zero’ fighters with/in Lockheed Hudsons.

Imagine engaging Mitsubishi A6M air superiority fighters with commercial aircraft – converted to bombers – then expected to perform the fighter role.

And now our raffle winners – our ‘politicians’ – in another century, expect our service personnel to play that same stupid fucking game now.

There are a few ways of looking at the situation.
• Firstly, the raffle winning arseholes may not care about the massive cost of useless defence equipment. That, after all, has been the trend ever since 1901.
• Then, maybe the DO care – and intend this Commonwealth to be absorbed by the Asian nations without any of us white eyes having any say against that.
• There is a big, big chance that the bludgers care not a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut either way – so long as the collect their super and pensions and get to bugger off to other shores before the collapse happens (the most likely scenario).
• Or maybe they’ve been beavering away PLANNING for this dump to go down the tubes as payback for the sort of arsehole like me who wants to see his days out after having been born here – expecting a meager PENSION – that sort of thing.

Now hold it there – the dot point #4 is the interesting one from a defence point of view.
Why the fuck would Abbort spend all that moolah on essentially crap, defective aircraft to defend old fart Australians if the silly shithead intends to deny us our pensions?

There really IS something like the ‘elephant in the room’ about that aspect of his ‘dumfoolery’.
So why the fuck would he want to defend the place if every sorry old shit has perished/died from governmental acts of bastardry?

Oh well – just goes to prove how he never thinks his things through.

No problem floppy ears.
The last regime sent us broke.
And now you’ll prove (how they did it) by making as big a dickhead yourself.

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