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Firstly, let’s bring you up to speed with qld* governance -
She’s beyond redemption, literally FUBAR, when an entire state of this alleged common-wealth can be signed over to a mob of raffle winners.
Fig 1 – Mr. Beattie dictates at his second regional cabinet meeting in our little burg. We’d just been told that the CMC had been put under police control and that the qld constitution had been amended without the inconvenience of boring referenda, or for that matter even consulting anyone. Note the unconfined joy on every face.

Yes, raffle winners; not the sort of raffle where the average Lucky Joe gets to win a flyblown meat tray once or twice in life – rather the sort of rigged affair where someone chosen from a shortlist of interested mates challenges two or three of similar mindset and inclination in a compulsorily enforced popularity quest.

Multiply that fiasco about 89 times and you get the one stop shop (if your pockets are deep enough) jokingly called ‘queensland parliament’.
Of course there’s about 51 of those bludgers who won first prize (go figure) and call themselves ‘government’.
That 51 argue and blackmail amongst themselves and those who win that undemocratic little spat get to call themselves ‘premier and cabinet’ and gain a license to lock up anyone who disagrees.
Cabinet - - consists of a ‘collective’ about 18 who dictate the lives of about 4.5 million people without fear of any oversight/accountability mechanisms whatsoever.

A neat little situation where any incriminating cabinet documents if ever released under the ‘freedom from information’ bureau would by then be way past the use by date of the statutes of limitations.

But don’t think for a second that it is only the government/majority party that acts this way;
queensland replaced its Legislative Council (senate) with a committee system gracing (bribing) a few ‘acceptable’ members from other parties with a slice of the action; a sop to their egos providing little more than an illusion of influence over events.

It’s a great system when you look at it dispassionately.
A handful of whiteanted ‘political parties’ pushing a Hobson’s choice of ‘candidates’ down the throats of a captive, confused and mostly uncaring populace whose understanding of civics is marginal at best.

The most jaded intellect would realise that such a turnout is travesty; even the ANU has its doubts -

The political advantage of the recent floods will come next year when the political mileage gained from Bligh zipping about playing concerned leader combines with the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ kicking in amongst the victims as they fight through the red tape while attempting to reclaim their lives.
If Ms. Bligh plays her cards right and suppresses publication of bureaucratic excess well enough she may well be able to slant the post-flood situation to her advantage and achieve another term as Fuhrer of queensland.

Why Fuhrer?
Well, why not. It merely means ‘leader’ but historically retains the tinge of dictatorship.
She certainly ain’t a premier since qld hasn’t had a proper parliament since about 1922 when the upper house was dissolved in what is considered by those who should know an ‘Ultra Vires’ fashion.
If we don’t have a proper parliament then it stands to reason that neither do we have a proper Australian style premier.
When what passes for a federal system condones that then we have no Commonwealth either.

Anyway queensland is such a silly name. Joh (bless his memory) should have changed it to NordReich, or something – then we’d all know where we stand.
Fig 2 – Fuhrer Beattie has the people assembled again four years later in order to have them instructed about the new police powers and responsibilities act and how well it fits in with subjects raised at the last meeting.
Note how carefully the photographer excluded those who had collapsed with rapture following his news.

So what caused this latest fulmination?
The other day Arthur was suffering from cabin fever what with all this flood stuff happening.
And since the devil makes work for idle hands he just had to go digging in old files.

He found an item referring to ‘The Brigalow Corporation’  amongst the NON-FARMER’s files which somehow caught his attention. Arthur being Arthur he had to go googling; probably in the vain hope he’d find pikkies of bikini girls prancing about in a natural setting wearing little else than gum leaves or something.

With that he was unlucky but neither did he expect to discover such a groundswell of reasonable fury that were queensland any sort of democracy an outside auditor would need be appointed to run the place while all the raffle winners were brought to trial.

Now all Arthur had to do was Google “BRIGALOW CORPORATION” and hit a few sites to realize that the usual queensland snow job was in operation apparently with a fair bit of help from Senator Conroy’s team out there in cyberspace.

A fair few remaining documents could only be opened from the cached files while attempts to open official public files all too often had the PC doing “BLING, GLING, Danger, Will Robinson” fits.
(It might be astounding news to some that you don’t have to be Julian Assange to have your PC invaded, pages censored or cop enough heat to encourage you to ‘just walk away’ when a certain amount of digging causes nausea to happen.)

Nevertheless the few pages remaining in the public domain convey a remarkably convincing picture as to why EX-POQ Beattie suddenly had to drop everything and depart to California until the heat died down.
So what did that grinning item, the poor man’s caricature of Teddy Roosevelt, get up to while destroying the last vestiges of the Rule of Law in queensland.

Indeed it is true that amongst other things he converted at the stroke of a pen all of queensland including every Joe Blow’s and Freida Nerk’s back yard into one gynormous corporate park?

At times like this a wealthy person would compile a list of dot-points indicating what’s been so expertly mangled. To do that an immense amount of money would need to be handed over to the ‘freedom from information’ bureau – inevitably, as every journo knows, with unsatisfactory results.

It would be infinitely easier to list what has escaped the predation of the last few queensland regimes except that we run up against the same problem – successive queensland regimes have operated in secrecy and consequently little verifiable information is available to those outside the tontine.

Summary -
The entire situation has honest Queenslanders** innocently wondering what the queensland government corporation thinks it’s about.
Queenslanders are stuck with paying taxes, fees and fines to a secretive regime that apparently has nothing but contempt for those shelling out all that money in the forlorn hope that some benefit will be returned to them in services they’d once customarily received from the state of Queensland and from their once non-politicised/non-corporatised local councils.

Occasionally some of the more civic minded burghers object but are inevitably ‘dismissed’ out of hand by decree of an autocratic premier.
Which leaves the fallback scenario – “when state and commonwealth legislation is in conflict then commonwealth law shall prevail” - another futile argument lending to nothing but a feeding frenzy of legals in the higher courts.

The whole show is a road to nowhere -
If Queenslanders and for that matter all Australians cannot manage to get past their greed reflex they’ll never realize they are being duped by an oligarchy so narrow in mind thought and deed that any form of compromise, accommodation or cooperation is entirely alien to their nature.
For many years now we’ve heard the all the lip service and hot air about uniform national legislation from all tiers of government.
Yet those elected by the populace refuse to represent the populace while hiding behind false constructs surrounding unworkable constitutions.
Beattie has ably demonstrated that constitutions in Australia can be altered on the mere whim of a dozen or so conspirators meeting essentially in secret.
It becomes clear why Australians were denied a referendum about a bill of rights last year.
It seems we are all cut from the same cloth

So what document discovered by Arthur prompted all this -
Here it is below. The NON-FARMER is not a member of any political party, religious denomination nor extremist organization and for the record was ‘permitted’ to meet with the premier for a few minutes early in 2009.
He and his wife sat at a table opposite the premier while a Glock in bumbag wearing goon leaned over them waiting for the slightest excuse to make an arrest. ( A Glock automatic pistol concealed in a bumbag has been the fashion accessory of the queensland palace guard for some years now.)
NON-FARMER and his wife requested a meeting with Ms. Bligh to acquaint her with some facts regarding matters already provided her in writing (including matters mentioned in other articles in this weblog – malfeasance, detriment caused, official misconduct).

But all Madame Bligh could do is offer sympathy for the death of their son and a remarkably Bjelke Petersen style ‘don’t you worry about that’ for the item below.

At least, said the NON-FARMER, Joh would have made it sound sincere.

----- Original Message -----
From:  - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 1:12 PM

Dear Queensland Members, Premier and Senators,
Does Queensland have the right to annex or confiscate private property?
Does the Commonwealth, by inaction, condone theft?
Should a Bill be introduced in order to manage the confiscation of the proceeds of patriotism?
The elements compiled below seem to suggest so.
The corporatisation of government is one issue that would be unacceptable to the majority - but the consequences of corporatisation is something that appears to have not been noticed.

I have the Premier listed in the mailing address so that you all might choose to contact her in order to be advised about the veracity of the letter below, from her Staffer, S. Beckett.
"Apr 15th, 2008 at 11:32 am
I have today received a copy of a letter from the Office of the Premier, Queensland Government.
It reads as follows:-
"Thank you for your email dated ----
concerning claims that the State of Queensland has been removed as a State of the Commonwealth of Australia and common law is no longer recognised in Queensland.
I have been requested to reply to you on the Premier's behalf.
The comments in your correspondence have been noted. As these claims are to be considered in a current application before the High Court of Australia, it is inappropriate for the premier to comment at this time.
Again, thank you for bringing your views to the Premier's attention."
Yours sincerely
Stephen Beckett
Deputy Chief of Staff" 

Though these elements copied here result from a search of the net (about the only information resource left) I state that I shall rely upon them in the absence of anything readily available from 'governance'.

It appears that some are convinced beyond doubt that 'corporatisation' has gone too far - that Real Assets have become arbitrarily sequestered without precedent, justification or assent.
Appears they are quite right.

The Premier might consider there is a public perception that the Common Law is being subsumed to a regime of Civil Law without provision of those checks and balances as are necessary for the protection of the rights of Queenslanders.
So what do we have - a Queensland that has corporatised and decentralised the agencies of governance. They now exist as entities registered in the US - with the US Securities and Exchange commission. They are now untouchable and as is becoming noticed, growing increasingly amoral, unethical and irresponsible.
Certainly irresponsible enough to entrust what should be confidential information to cyberspace.

In our circumstance when the corruption has gone so far that police are being used by the state of queensland to stop us, as a still registered family business/defence industry, from making a living - then it has become impossible.
So I take the time this weekend to do research only to find that in the opinion of many Australians most of our elected representatives are traitors.

This document illustrates a small part of what I discovered.

506B Corporation
(1) The Corporation of the Land Administration Commission is continued in existence, as a corporation sole, under the name of the  Brigalow Corporation .
(2) The  Brigalow Corporation --
(a) is a body corporate; and
(b) has a seal; and
(c) may sue and be sued in its corporate name.
(3) The chief executive constitutes the  Brigalow Corporation .
(4) A reference to the Corporation of the Land Administration Commission in any Act or in any document is taken to be a reference to the  Brigalow Corporation .
(5) Judicial notice must be taken of the imprint of the  Brigalow Corporation 's seal appearing on a document and the document must be presumed to have been properly sealed until the contrary is proved.

"QLD is now outside the Commonwealth of Australia as an independent sovereign State without common law, and the people are subject to civil and statute law only. The 'common law and general jurisdiction'; the 'Laws of England to be applied in the administration of justice' and 'equitable jurisdiction' have been removed under the Supreme Court Act 1995(Qld) Reprint number 2A dated 2nd March, 2001 under Schedule 2 of the Constitution of Queensland 2001.

All private equity and inheritance in the State is the property of “the State”, see Corporations (Q) Act 1990 (Q), Reprint No 3, reprinted as in force immediately before 15 July 2001 ©State of Q 2006. All courts, including the Magistrates Courts, are inside the Parliament of QLD.

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of QLD is found in the Constitution of Queensland 2001, Part 5 - Powers of the State. Therefore it is assumed that the Judges of the Supreme and District Courts of QLD must protect the 'assets' of the State of QLD and find only in favour of the State, not in favour of the registered owners of private land who have lost, under the statute laws of QLD, the rights to use their fee simple land as they see fit.

The Constitution of Queensland 2001 Chapter 3, Sections 51 & 27 are ultra vires to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act at s109, s106, s107, s51 & s52 of the Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 (C’wth). Ultra vires meaning Without authority. An act which is beyond the powers or authority of the person or organization which took it."

Would the Premier of Qld explain to me what the following information is about?-
DOCUMENT> <TYPE>424B3 <SEQUENCE>1 <FILENAME>y72505pe424b3.txt
 Registration No. 333-121263
                      ISSUE OF 8,000,000.00 GLOBAL A$ BONDS
               UNDER THE A$18,000,000,000 GLOBAL A$ BOND FACILITY
CURRENTLY TOTALING A$4,676,748,000.00 (A$2,958,154,000.00 INCLUDING BUY BACKS)
<S>                                          <C>
1.  (i)   Issuer:                            Queensland Treasury Corporation

    (ii)  Guarantor:                         The Treasurer on behalf of the Government of Queensland
2.  Benchmark line:                          2011
 (to be consolidated and form a single series  with QTC 6% Global A$Bonds due 14 June 2011,  ISIN US748305BC27)

Is this sort of info ordinarily available to Qld citizens?
Why is confidential Government information available for sale on the net to the highest bidder? - 12k 1: 18-K/A      Amendment NO. 1 to Form 18-K                        HTML     23K
EX-99.C.IV  Ex-99.C.Iv: Queensland Treasury Corporation         HTML    344K
                          Half-Yearly Report                                    
EX-99.C.V   Ex-99.C.V: Queensland State Accounts                HTML    423K
EX-99.C.VI  Ex-99.C.Vi: 2004-05 Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic    HTML    203K
EX-99.C.VII  Ex-99.C.Vii: Queensland 2005-06 Budget Papers      HTML  2,751K
EX-99.C.VIII  Ex-99.C.Viii: Pricing Supplement                  HTML     31K
EX-99.C.IX  Ex-99.C.Ix: Queensland Treasury Corporation         HTML     21K
                          Indicative Borrowing Program                          
EX-99.C.X Ex-99.C.X: Queensland State Accounts March Quarter HTML 467K
9: EX-99.H.II  Ex-99.H.Ii: Consents                                HTML     17K
Best regards – A NON FARMER
(Full/correct name and address supplied with original)

Further reading – - see chapter 2 part 1 for the core mischief – part 2 etc goes on to detail in its secretive way how the public service has been extinguished and replaced by ‘officers’ of a corporation under the dictation of a minister but from time to convenient time being required to act ‘as’ the minister. (a dictatorship) - funny this - the premier told the NON FARMER (early 2010) that “the situation was being dealt with” – if so then why is Werner still worried? - 26 points summing up the implications - a reasonably well researched resource

* queensland – with reference to the regime illegality does not warrant capitalization
** Queenslanders – are the people of Queensland; an entity and a people apparently unlawfully disposed of by a dictatorial regime

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