Monday, November 7, 2011

“Moynihania used to be called queensland”


Okay – This Moynihan fella had a contract with queensland government to run an outfit called the CMC.

Queenslanders (bless their braindead little souls) actually believe that a bloke being paid a bucketful of South Pacific Pesos every week would exercise the rule of law and bust dishonest politicians.

What a bloody joke. Imagine booking the paymaster!

But somehow this Moynihan has decided to quit his job prematurely. Appears he had a bit of an accident a few months ago and in result can’t think straight anymore.
The press releases don’t go into much detail about what sort of ‘accident’ caused these lapses of job performance.

Wouldn’t take much of a leap of the imagination to work out a scenario, though.
Most people in God’s own state who criticize the bold gendarmerie once too often get to be confronted sooner or later with some event or set of circumstances that seems to be some sort of ‘accident’ or other.

Aboriginal people and white trash have customarily just ended up dead while the likes of our Moynihan are either locked away on trumped up charges or kept under ‘close management’ for the rest of their lives.

An accident – do people soil themselves when given a dose of the tazer?
Or would the threat be enough if made by a ‘professional’?

Other Moynihans (there seem to be a tribe of Moynihans in the legal, quasi-legal and administrive rackets here in queensland.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that if one Moynihan (who once had the cojones to put on paper a wish list of performance and honesty improvements for police) had to retire due to an ‘accident’ he suffered round about the same time he last criticized corrupt police then another Moynihan just might be brought under pressure to conduct proceedings in the qld floods inquiry along certain ways.

If those ways happened to prove unhelpful to those suffering in the floods then so what – they’ll get over it.

Queensland – underwater and inoperative one day – corrupted past recovery the next.

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