Thursday, June 16, 2011




It goes too far.
There is something terminally wrong with our government.
They have lost all power of reason.

The ruling laborites intend to send a class of refugees to Malaysia.

It seems that several human rights organizations have a problem with that proposal.
The posture seems unpopular for a host of the tiniest little nitpicking reasons.

Apparently world opinion is that these refugees may risk being maltreated after arriving in Malaysia, abominably maltreated.

Here you go, Wiki again, but you never read it anyway -

Meanwhile our ruling laborites have decided that Australian cattle cannot be exported to Indonesia for the tiniest little nitpicking reason.
It seems that some few of our cattle exported to Indonesia have been slaughtered badly.

This is an important consideration.

The government knows that cattle exported to Indonesia soon die there, get chopped up into little slices and are eaten by Indonesians.

But our laborites have stepped in and banned the export of our cattle on the high principle that they will not countenance their small chance of maltreatment by inexpert slaughtermen – not even the occasional maltreatment.

Nonetheless they fully intend to send human beings off from Australia to maltreatment and possible torture in Malaysia.

Our government knows all about the incredibly bad human rights record in SE Asia but intends to ignore that.

In short our laborite government denies human rights but enforces cattle rights.
They ignore human rights but fall over themselves to enforce animal rights.

Conclusion –
Shit yeah – I agree wholeheartedly. Our cattle should not be being treated so badly.
If we must eat beef I’d like it old, tasty, stringy and tough.

If they have to sacrifice themselves for our bulging guts I’d much prefer to see them dispatched by our all so considerate slaughtermen  - preferably one day before they drop off their perch due to natural causes and old age.

If I put that down on paper and sent it along to that Ludwig idiot – the very next day he’d clear beef exports to Indonesia again.

He’d do that just to give me the shits.
He’d do that - ‘cos that’s his small mentality.
He’d do that If I was the only Australian who wrote to him demanding that our cattle stayed here.
He’d do that to hurt me.
He’d do that because he believed and wanted it to be within his power to do that.
He’d do that because he believed he could and because it would give him joy to do what he could within his power to hurt another Australian.
That is the sort of base creature he is.

Now what I want to do is turn that logic around in the minds of the idiots who pretend to be the decisionmakers here.

About the refugee situation, I mean.

Surely it can’t be as simple as that?
What if I write to Gillard and insist that the Pol Pot Regime be reinvigorated and that we send all the refugees there?

If I apply the reverse logic and demand that those innocent refugees arriving on our shores be sent away to somewhere like that where they will be dealt with brutally – so they would be dealt with brutally, like our cattle.

By applying that reverse argument, I mean -
If I wrote to them and demanded they be sent away off our shores and be dealt with abominably by someone contracted to do that job out of sight and beyond surveillance – then Madame Gillard and her laborites would scotch that out of hand.
If I wrote to them and demanded that it might be, to deny an Australian citizen his request, that they would fold their stupidity, do the proverbial ‘backflip’, wake up to themselves and begin treating human beings a little better than cattle.

As it happens, this is an open letter to the prime minister of this sad turnout.

Ms Julia Gillard, PM –
Please stop treating human beings worse than cattle.
Please take a leaf from your august minister, Ludwig.
Please ban the export of humans to locations where they may be treated badly.
If cattle need to be handled ethically, then what is the problem with offering humans the same consideration?

Consider that if you send them off to such locations ‘Four Corners™ might catch up and film them being maltreated there on location.
If that happens you could end up in court in the Hague.
Please give this submission fair consideration.

Signed –
A Mob of Australians who would like to see some justice.

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  1. Damned right.
    These halfwits have lost all command of their reasoning.

    I hate all races except for our pure white breed but cannot countenance inferior breeds being treated badly – especially by the schmucks that gain office in Australia.

    I saw it here yesterday evening.
    The white supremacists over the road – a party of some sort.
    Off their trolley without a care in the world – Jeesus that Cocaine must be damned good.

    They get to light a fire and call it a barbecue.
    Meanwhile I’m up past three AM making sure my house isn’t on fire from all those sparks coming over from their barbecue.

    Of course these arseholes are southerners.
    They somehow managed to set themselves alight the other year down in Victoria.

    But not a fucking problem.
    Someone has given them leave to come up here and behave like animals.

    Seems they are allowed to behave like animals.
    Our government treats some people like animals.

    What people do they treat like animals?
    First off the rank – whoever they fancy – whoever pisses ‘em off, maybe.

    Stop there.
    That Ludwig – he’s a labour professional bastard.
    He can call the shots and screw an entire industry down to nothing.
    That bugger can pretend he cares about cattle.
    I’d say he cares nothing about cattle welfare – but for some reason wants to kill the cattle trade.
    Wouldn’t it be so easy to pretend he’s nothing but a loser with a grievance?
    But only a few years back another loser with a grievance was running the show.
    His name was Howard.

    I mean, how much longer do losers have to keep pretending that they are running the fucking show?
    When, in other words, are these wankers going for a long walk off a short pier and give the rest of us a break from their bullshit.