Thursday, October 28, 2010


The maiden speech –

All you out there who expected to meet some crazy Roman and his slightly inebriated horse on the senate steps – well, you were wrong.
This is a MODERN story about the strong and the brave seeking insight and fair comment from others so inclined.

But as it unfolds out of the mists of cyberspace the actual identity of  ‘Calligula’s Horse’ shall remain a mystery until we are ‘outed’ in similar despicable fashion as recently happened to Greg from Grog’s Gamut - .

For those of you who might have an interest in aviation, the title ‘Calligula’s Horse’ combined with our logo, might suggest the nickname of a famous fighter squadron but since the appellation ‘squadron’ was pinched from the cavalry in the first place these pages could touch on topics about horse cavalry or even modern armour.

Then I’m sure that I’ve heard the term – ‘Battle Squadron’ with reference to Navy.
Despite the fact that we Aussies can’t pipe up much more than a ‘flotilla’ these days – please believe me when I say that Naval Types are welcomed here too.

Then like me, there are those of us who wanted to contribute by being in industry.
Bugger submarines – those in Australian small and medium defence industry are truly the ‘silent service’.

Yep, Mon Braves – on this site you shall be permitted to speak about all those subjects that genteel society ignores.

You may even use Caps, mid sentence and even CAPS lock if you really want to illustrate a point.

I have encountered what I personally consider to be the 'gold standard' of blog commentary.
The document is about incendiary comments and includes about a dozen pages of carpet chewing brilliance. If your ears don’t start burning half-way through page 1 – then you’ve never commented on a blog.

I’m assured that anyone who writes in with anything completely silly or absolutely gross will be automatically attended to by someone even nastier than Arthur, out tea lad.
Arthur himself will deal with all the glib one-liners.
He’s done his TAFE course and his personal workstation is equipped with a guaranteed shockproof (that’s impact proof) big red button.

Having said that I’m sure that we can all behave better than they do at ‘Question Time, Reps’.

Get the drift?

Back to the point though, in recent months this ratbag calling himself Calligula, his pals in Calligula’s Horse, (A Non Farmer, Django R., Klaus K., and Arthur) have been making some strange but disturbingly truthful statements on various weblogs about the comparative standards of ethics and accountability in our parliaments.
They are also slowly compiling a paper touching upon the “Dunning Kruger Effect”, its intercausal relationship with Murphy’s Law.

There’s a whole bunch of issues evolving like why our soldiers deployed overseas continue to be picked off while supporting the failed monetary interest of a failing empire.

There’s the recent failure and solidifying refusal to look at the reforms demanded by the electorate since the last federal election.

There’s the ongoing refusal by the ‘winners of raffles’ to recognize that Australia, by its treatment by governance of everyone, is no longer a penal colony (winners of raffles – see - elected representatives).

There’s the refusal by those same raffle winners to recognize we need a Statute of Rights.

There’s them refusing to act despite the recent resounding advice from the electorate – because of the escape clause - we still do not have any rights legislation worth a damn in Australia.

That’s enough for a start.

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