Thursday, February 7, 2013

“Dear “Wizza” – or – What’s that got to do with anything?”

What motivated you to make such specious comment as to whether any of the people at CH have ever been in the army?

Since you’ve been kind enough to associate keyboard ease of character assassination while striking the odd key yourself it might be timely to advise you of some fact – or in your somewhat obtuse words – reveal some of my ‘private persona’.

As it happens one of our team who regrettably is no longer with us DID happen to be a soldier for more than half of his short life.

He’s no longer with us now in result of his passing after enduring several years of illness he contracted while on  multi-national defence exercise in North Queensland.

Are you with me “Wizza” – he paid the ultimate price for his beliefs.

Despite the chief defence medico providing dire public warning about endemic tropical diseases in such areas as Shoalwater Bay it appears that once a ‘grunt’ becomes seriously unwell he’s discarded by the likes of defence and veteran’s affairs like something disgusting found under their shiny little shoes.

On top of that, through bitter circumstance, he was being ‘treated’ by a queensland hospital which at the time was providing what amounted to administrative sanctuary for an individual who became known as “Doctor Death”.

A perfect scenario for them – two utterly compromised and completely amoral organizations hiding behind the skirts of a thoroughly corrupted legal profession.

In fact his mum had to crawl miles over broken glass to defence before they posthumously gave her his service medal.

In such ways ‘we who are left’ are punished for having the temerity to ‘annoy’ officialdom.

So “Wizza”, contrary to our experience, I suppose it can be gleaned from your statements that you opine those army types ‘might be a bit more forgiving’?

Someone like ex-officer Andrew Wilkie, maybe?

You mention public versus private personae and the pokies issue.

Funny that!
You see we did have a fair expectation (especially after consulting Mr. Wilkie’s book) that HIS public persona might align with his private beliefs and that some just outcome would result after sending him representations about the untimely and pointless death at 33 of one of our soldiers.

But no.

Y’see “Wizza”, ‘double crossing’ (and a remarkable disparity between public image and private gutlessness) ain’t confined to prime ministers or small-beer topics like pokies regulations.

Is it “Wizza”?

There is another aspect to your message.
Many Australians had fair expectation this last term that the ‘independent’ politicians would be hell bent to use their deciding votes to wrest some socially important decisions from the majority political parties.
In this they have failed dismally.
And everyone (including/especially those they have sold out to) knows they have.

Pokies is it?

Honestly, is it possible to legislate against greed?
If so we could ban your pokies and all games of chance.
We could also ban politicians and their hangers-on.
How much Ozgovernment accrued revenue was blown away in the GFC?

Do you honestly expect an amoral mob of reivers, such as are our politicians, to somehow hold our petty punters at bay when there is absolutely no demonstration of conscience, morality or constraint emanating from their sphere.

But in closing, this - - was about the refusal of Wilkie to even countenance helping the family of a dead soldier gain some justice from defence and veteran’s affairs.

Wilkie refused an obligation of office and made use of a staffer to isolate himself from his bounden duty.

And from where I sit and of what I see an act of omission is the most cowardly and reprehensible  act of any public person.

That, “Wizza”, or Django, or whoever you are or wannabe, is fact.

“Wizza” said -
“Character assassination is easy at the keyboard. If you had ever been in the army, you might be a bit more forgiving. How is your public persona compared to your private persona? Don't hear you saying anything about a double crossing Prime Minister on the pokies issue. Will have to stop there, could go on forever. Isn't it easy to assassinate the character of a person, from your computer? on “WILKIE CAN’T REMEMBER – BUT I DO” – or - man of straw

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